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Sajdah | Mosque & Islamic Center HTML5 Template | Themeforest Templates

Sajdah | Mosque & Islamic Center HTML5 Template | Themeforest Templates

Download Sajdah | Mosque & Islamic Center HTML5 Template | Themeforest

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Sajdah is a high-quality HTML5 Template that was developed for Muslim Mosques. It comes with a 10+ Validated HTML5 Pages format that assist you you customize how your Mosque website will appear. and you can adjust its design according to your needs in addition to over 20+ Internal elements.

All necessary pages and elements which have been required to customize your website are included with the Sajdah template. The user-friendly features allow admins to find the options and settings that they are looking for. absolutely no previous experience required and all operating out of an easy-to-find recipe. Sajdah’s timeless. spacious design and neutral color scheme can accommodate any religious institution and can bring that extra flair to your site.

Sajdah HTML5 can be a high quality Mosque Template that will wow your tourists. it has a traditional. spacious design with neutral color scheme may fit any kind of Muslim Mosques.

Pages Included

Mosque Home First page

Mosque Home page 2

Blog Archive


About United states of america.html


mawlad Needs.html


Khotba Detials.html

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