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Music - Emotional Piano Cinematic | AudioJungle Download

Music - Emotional Piano Cinematic | AudioJungle Download

Download Music - Emotional Piano Cinematic | AudioJungle

Download High Quality and just not Watermarked Audio Files :



Category : Motion picture. Music

Emotional Inspiring Piano Strings & Hopeful Sentimental Cinematic

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This Cinematic Piano Inspiration and Emotional Piano Sentimental music with light romantic mood. In this Inspiring Piano Cinematc track I used piano and strings theme with orchestral arrangement.

This Romantic Piano Emotional will be perfect for: sentimental story. memorable and social video. love story. family photos. film score. wedding dance. opening. slideshow. romantic moments. advertisement. presentation. inspiring projects. youtube vlog. IOS or android apps. etc.

Included Versions (in order as shown in preview)

Emotional Piano Cinematic (Full) – 2:18

Emotional Piano Cinematic (Short1) – 0:50

Emotional Piano Cinematic (Short2) – 1:30

Style and Mood: Piano Emotional. Piano Sentimental. Piano Inspirational. Piano Orchestra. Piano Hopeful. Piano Cinematic. Orchestral Strings. Emotional Trailer.

If you will want different versionof the follow. feel free to contact me. Email me via contact form in my profile. and I’ll try to help customers!

Watch Here :

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