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Sound - Shining Star | AudioJungle Download

Sound - Shining Star | AudioJungle Download

Download Sound - Shining Star | AudioJungle

Download High Quality won't be able to Watermarked Audio Files :



Category : Cartoon Sounds. Sound

Shining Star is a magic package of sound effects. denoting your idea. a spark of relationship. star blinking. the wonders of nature and miracle of fairy internet prostitution. the brilliance of a gemstone. glitter rings and treasures. miracle. light. magic. idea. help. benefit. reward. cupid’s arrow. etc. Sounds are prepared regarding operation and choice for the project. Shining Star offers 6 sound effect options. For sound design used 3 samples. Classic wonderful sound bringing luck and wonder. Shining Star useds for games. messages. sound notification. ringtone. e-mail. animation. smartphone. Mobile. iPhone. iPad. web. sms. videos. background. slideshows. movies. transitions. ads. internet. internet applications. educational video recordings. educational films and videos. news programs. social groups. blogs. radio. television. theatrical productions and performances. games. messages. sound notification. ringtone. e-mail. animation. smartphone. Operating system. iPhone. iPad. web. sms. start. outro. logos. trailers. Youtube. Vimeo. holidays. show. advice. Motion Videos. 3d graphics. After effects. etc. As an element of infographic. flat computer animation. advertisements. slideshows. videos. movies. menus or other interactive programs and installations.

MP3 and WAV files included in ZIP. wave (44.1kHz/16bit) & mp3 (320 kbps) 1. Shining Star 1 (0:09) 2. Shining Star 2 (0:07) 3. Shining Star 3 (0:07) 4. Shining Star 4 (0:06) four. Shining Star 5 (0:07) the. Shining Star 6 (0:06) Total playing time. sfx Shining Star 0:42

Thank you for your attention and obtain. When using samples in a lot one program. please remember to select a reusable license when purchasing my music.

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