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Music - Indie Pop Rock Guitar | AudioJungle Download

Music - Indie Pop Rock Guitar | AudioJungle Download

Download Music - Indie Pop Rock Guitar | AudioJungle

Download High quality and Not Watermarked Audio files :



Category : Pop. Music

This is an inspiring and carefree upbeat indie pop rock music piece as a result based on the catchy guitar melody with extra palm muted fill and cool atmospheric delayed guitar head start. played on a classic pop rock telecaster guitar. The track shows a modern dense and stylish sound with punchy dance pop drums. deep bass. bright small drums. crunchy lead synth on the supporting melody and manually designed sound effects.

This music will be the best choice to find a trendy summer travelling training video. seaside beach party. sunny positive commercial. youtube advertising. teenage vacation cinema. indie movie trailer. friendship celebration slideshow. real estate ads and numerous others.

With this purchase a person 3 versions:

Main – 2:16

Short – 1:24

Seamless loop – 0:26

Watch Here :

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