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Music - Energetic Happy Indie Rock | AudioJungle Download

Music - Energetic Happy Indie Rock | AudioJungle Download

Download Music - Energetic Happy Indie Rock | AudioJungle

Download Prime quality and Not Watermarked Audio recordings :



Category : Rock. Music

Planning to broadcast this music? A quick explanation within the licenses:

Music Broadcast (1million) – Local Broadcasting

Music Broadcast (10million) – Regional Broadcasting

Music Broadcast & Film - National/International Broadcasting

Thank you might!

Happy. uplifting and joyful track spreading a positive mood. This upbeat happy instrumental always be perfect for your presentation or Youtube video needing a contented and sweet mood. And that is good for children and children’s music.

Perfect for children’s picture. Youtube. video games. happy family video clips. advertising products for cats and dogs. children and pets. motivational presentations. inspiring videos. the soundtrack for your animated shoot. events blogs. youtube talk. corporate motivational videos. on the web. children games. corporate assignments. TV shows. YouTube blog. cheerful cartoon for youths. travel videos. driving and energetic videos.

Both WAV and MP3 included in leading file:

2:28. 1:01. 0:43. 0:23

Watch Here :

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