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Music - Tender Emotional Piano | AudioJungle Download

Music - Tender Emotional Piano | AudioJungle Download

Download Music - Tender Emotional Piano | AudioJungle

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Category : Movie. Music

Tender Emotional Piano is often a very range. delicate and romantic gentle cinematic music using a very aching. smooth and warm piano. cello and orchestral strings (violins. violas. cellos. basses). This elegant. emotive. optimistic and beautiful track can describe a tenderness and kindness of affection. sublime feelings and care. joy and former beauty of a warm relationships. hopeful mood including a hope on top of the future.

There are 4 Versions:

1. Main Version (2:20) – (00:00 in the preview)

2. Short Version 1 (1:03) – (02:20 from the preview)

3. Short Version 2 (0:36) – (03:24 globe preview)

4. Super Short – Intro Version (0:19) – (04:00 ultimately preview)

The key is: D major.

The tempo is: 141 BPM.

This peaceful soundtrack music will be good background to enjoy a romantic love story. wedding slideshow. romantic film or movie. a videos about care. relationship. tenderness. kindness and any sublime stuff. Just use could be. emotional and sentimental music for your beautiful and inspiring video recordings.

Excellent to buy a videos about Valentine’s Day (Saint Valentines day. or Feast of Saint Valentine).

WAV and high quality MP3 in ZIP file.

Planning to broadcast this music? Exploring explanation among the licenses:

Music Broadcast (1 Million) – Local Broadcasting

Watch Here :

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