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Sound - Sizzling Meat | AudioJungle Download

Sound - Sizzling Meat | AudioJungle Download

Download Sound - Sizzling Meat | AudioJungle

Download High Quality and Not Watermarked Audio Files :



Category : Domestic Sounds. Sound

Sizzling Meat is a high-quality sound effect of cooking meat. vegetables. turkey. chicken legs. pork. sausages. sausages. beef. etc. Works great for educational and entertainment videos. backgrounds for cooking and TV shows. commercials. websites. animations. videos. movies. games. cartoons. etc. SFX Sizzling Meat for your convenience is represented by two variants of samples. Sizzling Meat 2 (Loop) is looped for any project duration and video. For proper operation. use wav. These are useful samples for a collection of sample and audio libraries about cooking hot meats. food. and commercials. Sizzling Meat useds for videos. background. radio. television. theatrical productions and performances. slideshows. movies. advertising. internet. internet applications. educational videos. educational films and videos. news programs. social networks. blogs. games. animation. smartphone. Android. iPhone. iPad. web. sms. intro. outro. logos. trailers. Youtube. Vimeo. holidays. show. representation. Motion Videos. 3d graphics. After Effects. etc. As an element of advertisements. slideshows. videos. movies. infographic. flat animation. menus or other interactive programs and applications.

MP3 and WAV files included in ZIP. wave (44.1kHz/16bit) & mp3 (320 kbps) 1. Sizzling Meat 1 (0:34) 2. Sizzling Meat 2 (Loop)(0:15) Total playing time. sfx Sizzling Meat 0:49

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