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Music - Suspense | AudioJungle Download

Music - Suspense | AudioJungle Download

Download Music - Suspense | AudioJungle

Download High Quality and Not Watermarked Audio Files :



Category : Motion picture. Music

Suspense Trailer Music

Suspense – epic and tragic cinematic music with this increasing designed especially for the movie or golf games. The composition features staccato and spicato violins. harsh steel. epic dhols. heavy snare drums. large cymbals. intense epic toms. anvils together with other various metal hits.

Beautiful. powerful and inspirational trailer! Music is well suited for historical video clips. movies about superheroes. trailers. teasers. intro. games and other kinds of projects! Track executed professionally and properly. so the effect on the listener is guaranteed! Here we have used the guitar. cello. horns. tuba. drums. cymbals. piano and sub-bass!

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