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Music - The Deep Chillout | AudioJungle Download

Music - The Deep Chillout | AudioJungle Download

Download Music - The Deep Chillout | AudioJungle

Download High Quality and is not Watermarked Audio Files :



Category : Electronica. Music

“The Emotional” –Electronic track with modern electronic production. DJ Arty style.Comercial.bright and inspirational track. You’ll find the best use for adverts. presentations. slideshows. YouTube videos. makings of. info-graphics. documentaries. featurettes. photography.TV and radio media production and any kinds. You can use a whole song or use a selected part. also songs has great looping possibilities to perfectly match timing of one's project. You are able it by yourself or ask me to do this method! Take your project to an alternative level. inspire too as your audience with “The Emotional”. If you bought a song for video please signify the link to some video in a person will use our track. Email – This will help us in further developing our production studios. The successful promotion of your goods!

List of included files:

The Deep Chillout (Full Version) – 2:26

The Deep Chillout (Short Version 1) – 1:38

The Deep Chillout (Short Version 2) – 1:02

The Deep Chillout (Short Version 3) – 0:50

The Deep Chillout (Loop Version) – 1:59

Watch Here :

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