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How to Save Windows Spotlight Lockscreen Images | WIndows Tutorial

How to Save Windows Spotlight Lockscreen Images | Windows Tutorial

How to save Windows Spotlight lockscreen images in order to use them as wallpapers

Where to obtain the Windows Spotlight photos
Grab Windows 10's pretty lock screen images for ones desktop background.

Windows 10 brings an original feature to your table with Windows Spotlight. The option permits you to set your lockscreen in your PC or tablet to auto-rotate by having a preselected number of photos picked by Microsoft. At the top of the right-hand corner, you may give a thumbs up or down should you liked it like Pandora. If you gave it thumbs down, off it's going. A thumbs up, however, will produce similar images about the next run.

Windows 10 is keeping your lock screen sexy using its curated, personalized slideshow of images in Windows Spotlight (if you have Windows Spotlight started up), but think about your desktop background? You're probably wondering where you'll be able to find some of the people pretty Spotlight images for individual use -- in fact, they have to be stored in your device somewhere, right?

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