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How and When to Defragment Your Hard Drive in Windows 10 | Windows Tutorial

How and When to Defragment Your Hard Drive in Windows 10.

How to Defrag Windows 10.

How to Defrag a Windows 10 Computer. Optimizing your drives can assist your PC run smoother and boot up faster. Defragmenting (or “defragging”) a Windows 10 computer arranges fragmented files about the hard drive in a fashion that optimizes the number of disk space and increasing system performance.  When you defragment the disk drive, all fragments of files are gone to live in contiguous clusters. This makes it possible for Windows to see the files and also the computer starts working faster.  On your pc with Windows 10, defragmenting just the system drive (C: ) is plenty. However, in the event you experience long loading time while accessing the files held in other partitions of hard disk, you are able to defragment them.  The strategy of defragmenting the partitions of a hard disk drive drive is the similar for every partition (volume). Here is how to defrag your personal computer.

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