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Music Packs - Ambient Pack | AudioJungle

Music Packs - Ambient Pack | AudioJungle

Download Music Packs - Ambient Pack | AudioJungle
Download High Quality Audio File Here:
Category : Music Packs
This excellent package contains three high-quality and amazing full compositions in the style of ambient and IDM. All three tracks recorded on professional equipment in high-quality Studio with the latest treatments and sound envelope. Buying this pack you well save your money and, most importantly, your time.
These three tracks are in my collection ANDROIDS
Each of these tracks you can buy separately, without buying the whole pack.
This is symbolic song, written and composed by artificial intelligence Android (author’s note). Very atmospheric and melodic track, recorded with the use of innovative processing sounds. Electronic pads, unobtrusive effects and clear harmony, a deep low bass create a pleasant atmosphere for listening.
Android (duration – 01:45)
Spector X – a cyber-trance a composition which represents an accurate bass line, atmospheric keyboard and fine atmosphere. The track is perfect for the soundtrack unusual and strange events in space, another dimension, another matter and the universe. Different sound effect, a semi-bit, analog synthesizer solo and perfect harmony.
Spector X (duration – 03:11)
Experimental composition which definitely registered, as a soundtrack to thematic kiber-space-video. At a track there is a meditative atmosphere which is replaced with a power electronic cocktail with the sharp unexpected end.
Energy (duration – 04:05)

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