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Remotely Control Multiple Torrent Clients From Android With Transdrone

Controlling torrents on your hard drive or seedbox out of your mobile device may have sounded a lttle bit far-fetched some time ago, nevertheless it can be done pretty easily now, as a result of quite a couple of mobile apps produced for the purpose. These apps give you control of your torrent applications from a phone or tablet to help you start preventing them remotely, if you have access to the internet. Transdroid is often a popular open-source app with this genre that provides remote control functionality to deal with torrents with a range of popular torrent clients. A new project called Transdrone recently landed in Google Play Store which allows managing all your torrents from the Android device. The app is created with code through the Transdroid project and therefore, it is usually configured in a similar fashion. Keep reading for more details.

The interface of Transdrone is very simple, though getting hired and configuring it to work with the torrent client of your choice that you’ve got on your computer may be a little complex. The app currently supports a number of torrent clients including uTorrent, Transmission, rTorrent, BitTorrent 6, Deluge, Vuze, Bitflu, BitComet, Qbittorrent, Ktorrent and Torrentflux-b4rt.

Transdrone Settings

Fortunately, the developers have provided easy step-by-step instructions to assist you configure the app to do business with your torrent client. You can either read these instructions straight from your handset or open them on your own PC’s web browser. Transdroid has setup guides for Windows, Mac and Ubuntu for all you supported clients. All you need to do is visit the Download and Installation section to see the required tutorial.

How To Setup Utorrent

Let’s examine configuring the most popular torrent client out there - uTorrent, to use Transdrone. As per the instructions, open the Preferences window on uTorrent and click on ‘Web UI’ within the ‘Advanced’ tab. After that, click ‘Enable Web UI’ and enter your desired account information that you want to use for authentication. You can also optionally enable an ‘Alternative listening port’ and input a custom port number inside relevant field.


The the next thing you will need to do is always to input your computer’s IP address in the Transdrone app, along while using login credentials and port. On Windows Vista, 7 or 8, you can actually find your IP inside Network Connection Details window, or else you may alternatively use ‘ipconfig’ in command prompt or use sites like ‘’ for the idea.

Network Connection Details

To enter these details in to the app, hit ‘Add New Server’ and specify everything including Server Type (torrent client name), IP, user name and password. You can also configure a couple of additional parameters under ‘Advanced Settings’ including Local IP address for Wi-Fi connection and Port. Speaking of the port number, be sure you forward it inside your router’s cp. ‘’ can be a great site for locating guides about forwarding ports for several routers according to make and model. Once configured, you will notice the connection together with your torrent client on Transdrone’s home screen, from where you can remotely manage your torrents.

Type New Server

Although not to easy to setup for your non-techies on the market, Transdrone can be a great app for remotely governing the torrent downloads on your own PC from the Android phone or tablet. The app can be obtained at Google Play Store totally free.

Install Transdrone from Play Store

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