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Open Websites & Videos In A Floating Panel In Google Chrome

Although tabs will be the most convenient way to cope with multiple webpages, we occasionally need to be able to view more than one website as well. For instance, there may be a scenario where one needs to compare and analyze two teams of data from different websites. Likewise, having a multiple web pages opened side-by-side on the same monitor helps increase your productivity, particularly if you have a high resolution screen. While you can always use multiple browser windows with the aim, think about making things more convenient? If you wish to snap an online site over another, this handy Chrome extension called Picture In Picture Viewer can establish extremely useful. It enables you to view multiple websites together by placing one too in a popup window higher than the other. More details soon after the jump.

At its standard level, Picture In Picture Viewer was designed to let you dock websites that you simply don’t want to lose track of in a very floating window. You can view both mobile and desktop versions of that site. It can be a good choice for, let’s say, services like Youtube or Facebook, letting you view videos or chat with your Facebook friends in small window while carrying on your own regular browsing within the browser’s main window and tabs.

The using Picture In Picture Viewer is dead simple, though firstly you will need to enable the ‘Panels’ feature in Chrome. To do that, just Enter the following to the address bar:


Picture In Picture Viewer_Enable Panels

This will open up Chrome Experiments, which, because the name implies, carry every one of the experimental top features of Chrome which can be yet to be fully ironed out. Here in this window, you'll want to turn on the ‘Enable Panels’ option by clicking its link. For reference, you will see the screenshot below. Once done, restart Chrome to allow the changes enter into effect.

chromeflags#enable-panels - Google Chrome

Once setup, you may use Picture In Picture Viewer by 50 percent different ways. The first method contains opening the website which you want to look at in PiP mode and clicking the extension’s button next to the URL bar. This will build a new floating window of this website. You can snap this window anywhere on screen, even outside chrome right on the desktop. If you are viewing a YouTube or some other Flash video, then exactly the Flash part is captured in a iFrame block.

Facebook Picture in Picture

The other method involves entering your desired URL within the small panel that pops up when you click on the PiP button. You can go through the small gear button and change view modes between mobile and desktop, in addition to manually toggle ‘Embed View’ for video links. Simply enter your required link, choose your desired options, and click ‘Open in PiP’.

Picture in Picture New link

All in all of the, it’s an incredibly nice extension which you can use in varying situations that require viewing multiple websites together.

Install Picture In Picture Viewer from Chrome Web Store

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