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Format Factory Is A Comprehensive Audio & Video Converter For Android

Media conversion programs have come a long way since their inception. Besides desktop programs, many media converters now come as cloud-based web applications, mobile apps, or even in some cases, both. Format Factory is a reasonably popular media converter for Windows that can convert files among an extensive spectrum of car stereo formats. The program enables you to control numerous audio/video parameters with the output file before executing the conversion process. Although not in an official form, Format Factory has now landed on Android at the same time. Available for free at Google Play Store, the app carries conversion capabilities present in its desktop counterpart, and lets you perform conversion for both video and audio files. As of this writing, it supports MP4, AVI, FLV, AKV, MP3, FLAC, AAC, M4A, WAV, OGG, AC3, APE and WMA files for both input and output.

The barebones UI of Format Factory will certainly not impress many in terms of aesthetics, as it’s rather too plain and unattractive. Converting files in one format to a different, however, painless. Just tap the (+) button towards the top, and after that select your format type in the proceeding screen. As stated earlier, Format Factory supports both audio and video files, so you just have to tap your desired option and then select the file using the integrated files browser.

Format Factory Main Format Selection

The app then presents its available ‘Presets’ for conversion to frequently used formats. These presets enable you to automatically select appropriate device or format settings, which include Android, iPad, PS3, or generic formats. If it’s a relevant video file, you are able to configure additional parameters like Codec, Size, Aspect Radio, FPS, Bitrate (KBPS), toggle deinterlacing also as select whether to add the audio track on the output or otherwise not, and configure the track’s audio parameters such as codec and bitrate.

On the audio front, you might have choice among many popular formats that I have mentioned earlier. Advanced users can further tweak their selection by adjusting audio frequency, channel (stereo or mono), and bitrate. You can even tell the app what part from your audio ought to be converted by specifying Start and End points. Once you’re ready, tap the Convert icon in the bottom to begin the conversion process.

Format Factory Video Format Factory Audio

Overall, it’s a pleasant app with tons of settings as well as a user-friendly interface, as well as extensive format support means you won’t need any other tool for your video and audio file conversions. The app also offers a premium upgrade that it is possible to buy with an in-app purchase, though the developer hasn’t mentioned what are the upgrade really does.

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