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FindBar Tweak for Firefox Lets You Search For Text in All Tabs

findbar-tweak-thumbIf you’re an everyday internet user, then you’re probably informed about the “Control + F” (or “Cmd + F”) search shortcut that work well in all modern browsers. It’s a great keyboard shortcut that brings up the find bar at the top or bottom of your web page (with respect to the browser you’re using), and permits you to search for text within the website you’re browsing.

While that is extremely useful along with a huge time-saver in relation to finding specific words about the current tab, FindBar Tweak for Firefox lets you go a step further. This add-on offers you the ability to look for text in all of the of your tabs, not simply the current one.

The current find bar in Firefox without FindBar Tweak.

To put it to use, install the add-on (no restart needed) and you should immediately see a “find in all tabs” option if you bring in the find bar. To look for text in all of the tabs, click “Find in All Tabs” following the bar to start a search results window. Enter the text that you’re seeking and you’ll see the results for your entire open tabs.

Use FindBar Tweak to hunt for text in every tabs and windows in Firefox.

If you've multiple windows open, FindBar Tweak will appear through the tabs in those windows as well. Click on something and you’ll immediately automatically get to where it is about the page  - even when it’s in another tab or window. If you keep a great deal of tabs open always, this tool is sure to help boost your productivity.

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