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Enhance Your Online Security. 7 Encryption Tools to Protect Your Data

privacy-encryption-thumbSecuring yourself plus your data on the Internet is becoming harder continuously. The problem with many of the Internet services is that they tend to change their features and privacy policies so frequently that this user can’t keep pace with all the current changes. We have already discussed methods to delete your personal data from the Internet. In this article, we'll show you various tools used to encrypt crucial computer data, be it emails, chat as well as local data with your computer.

1. Web mail security:

If you happen to be using web email services like Gmail, or Yahoo Mail, your emails are already saved in encrypted format inside the server. Nevertheless, it's good to double-encrypt important mails to ensure that only you or person who knows the decryption key can see the messages. provides a JavaScript code snippet to password protect your message within the web mail and send it in encrypted format (AES).

1. Go to help page and drag and drop the bookmarklet for a browser’s toolbar. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox are supported as well as their variants should also work.

2. Go to your Email inbox and compose a fresh email. Once you might be done composing the email, click on the “” bookmarklet.


3. This will open a popup asking you to enter an encryption key. You can enter any password that you pick.

4. You will also be able to specify a lifespan on your email, then, the email will probably be destroyed.


5. When the receipient receives the email, he will need to click the link inside email which will then prompt him for your decryption key. If he has the key, he will have the ability to read the message.


2. Email clients security: Enigmail

Microsoft Outlook includes a built-in feature for encrypting all outgoing emails. If you're using Mozilla Thunderbird, you might like to install Enigmail addon to sign and encrypt emails sent from Thunderbird. You can download Enigmail from the addons site.

Enigmail will add OpenPGP message encryption and authentication to Thunderbird. Installing and configuring Enigmail is quite easy if you're using the setup wizard.


After a number of configuration steps and generating the certificate, you will have the ability to encrypt messages straight from the Compose window.


3. Instant Messengers security: OTR plugin

If you happen to be using an everything in one messenger like Pidgin, you may want to use OTR plugin for Pidgin. OTR represents “Off the Record” messaging. Basically, the OTR plugin provides encryption, authentication, deniability and perfect forward secrecy to any or all the services which we use through Pidgin.


Cloud storage security

Most cloud storage providers encrypt the communication link between your client computer along with the storage server nevertheless the data held in the cloud storage is just not encrypted. This poses a likelihood of data leakage if the storage provider gets hacked. For your own safety, you should always encrypt data before synchronizing it to the cloud. Google Drive, SkyDrive and Dropbox include the three main cloud storage providers. So we'll concentrate on securing these facilities. Here include the tools that can be used for cloud data encryption and security:

4. CloudFogger

CloudFogger is really a Windows software which saves files in specific folders in encrypted form in order that data are encrypted prior to them getting sync on the cloud. CloudFogger may also let you encrypt single files using the Windows Explorer context menu.

5. SharedSafe


SharedSafe is yet another software which takes a different approach to encrypting data from CloudFogger. It will encrypt files in Dropbox folder and/or your email account (IMAP) and/or an FTP location.

6. BoxCryptor

BoxCryptor is the one other software dedicated to encrypting and securing data inside your Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive and also other major cloud storage providers. BoxCryptor generates a virtual drive about the local system which gets encrypted before being uploaded to your online cloud storage. It uses AES 256 and RSA encryption algorithms.

7. Local data security: TrueCrypt

Now that people have secured tastes our Internet activities, we also should keep our important data secure that's stored on our hard disk drives. TrueCrypt is really a very good disk encryption software which you can use to create a password protected virtual disk around the hard drive.


Anything stored in the password protected disk will likely be encrypted and will not be visible to any or all users. TrueCrypt is also capable of encrypt entire partitions or a storage device as being a USB Flash drive.


The abov list just isn't definitive. There are tons of encryption tools that people didn’t be capable of cover. Feel free to tell us what we have missed.

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