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Control Grooveshark Playback From A Floating Panel In Chrome

Grooveshark can be a household name with regards to streaming online music. And eventhough it doesn’t carry many perks over Spotify and Pandora - one other two major music streaming services - if you reside in a country where these two services haven’t reached yet, Grooveshark will be immensely useful. It’s free, provides unlimited ad-supported music, can be acquired everywhere, and sports a massive library of songs. One major shortcoming with Grooveshark. however, is it’s available only as a web app, this means no stylish Spotify-esque desktop and mobile versions (unless your’e over a jailbroken iPhone). This can make controlling Grooveshark a pain when you want to be controlled by it while doing various other pieces on your computer. To address this, we currently have Grooveplayer. This handy Google Chrome extension allows controlling Grooveshark by way of a popup window using Chrome’s experimental Panels feature.

For the uninitiated, Panels allow Chrome apps and extensions to function outside of the browser interface in way of floating windows that can be placed anywhere on-screen, such as the desktop. Before employing this extension, you have to make sure that Panels are enabled in Chrome, that you can do as follows.

Open Chrome and type the next in address bar:


You is going to be introduced for the Chrome Experiments console. You can enable panels by clicking Enable underneath the ‘Enable Panels Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS’ option. Finally, restart Chrome for your changes in the future into effect.

Grooveplayer_Enable Panels

Moving time for Grooveplayer, you'll be able to launch it by clicking its button next towards the URL bar. Before you do that, though, you’ll still have to use Grooveshark’s web app, because that’s sizzling hot you is going to be adding your selected songs for the queue. The app looks fairly elegant; it doesn’t carry many choices, but the right ones exist, including buttons for Play/Pause, Previous and Next. You can also close or minimize the app anytime you want, which is another good thing in case you quickly need to switch between other windows. Its window may be moved and placed anywhere on the screen, over other windows, web browsers and the desktop.

Groveplayer Desktop

Once your music is queued up and being played, the Grooveplayer is ready to operate its magic. Its controls automatically reflect those seen in the web based player. The ‘Goorveplayer’ window title is swapped with the song name each song is up and running, and you can click Next and Previous buttons to improve tracks.


So, when you want to control Grooveshark, don't use anything but use Grooveplayer and lose focus on about having to switch to Grooveshark’s browser tab just to skip or pause a track.

Install Grooveplayer from Chrome Web Store

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