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Best Web Browsers For Android

Smartphones are becoming much more than simply communication devices, also it’s years since they’ve been viewed equally as that. In addition to playing the role of a capable media player, portable gaming device and personal information manager, your smartphone is probably your choice for all those sorts of casual web browsing as well. In fact, when late Steve Jobs announced the initial iPhone in 2007, he touted internet browsing as one of the primary top features of the new device. The trend is constantly date, and I regularly find myself browsing some of my favorite websites on my phone the very first thing when I awaken in the morning, before I’d even think of flipping on my computer. In this arena, Android holds a distinctive advantage over iOS, due to its open-source nature and larger various capable choices with regards to picking your best web browser. Google Play Store is riddled with these, making the choice a tough one, therefore we decided to assembled a list of a number of our favorite internet explorer for Android, combined with the good and bad for each of them.


Chrome for Android

The first in this list is in fact a no-brainer: Google’s own Chrome for Android. The browser has come a long way to claim a spot among the top, and permanently measure. It offers seamless synchronization with your desktop Chrome, getting sets from your browsing background bookmarks to open tabs in the comfort of your mobile device. The browser itself undergoes regular updates, while offering fixes and enhancements quite frequently.

Chrome for Android (1) Chrome for Android (2)

The good

  • Branded by Google - generally indicates quality and perfection

  • Omnibar for search & URL input

  • Excellent tab handling with accelerated page loading

  • Intuitive gesture support for navigation and looking at open tabs

  • Private browsing via incognito mode

  • Seamless sync across Desktop and Android via your Google account

The bad

  • One in the least resource-friendly browsers

  • Slow performance on older devices

  • Accessing certain features is rather difficult, as they’re buried deep within settings

  • Lack of native support for Flash video playback

Google Chrome

Dolphin Browser

One from the most popular browsers available with very active development and support, Dolphin takes the top place in a lot of opinions, plus it does have certain advantages that enjoy in its favor. For an in-depth look, have a look at our review with the latest major update of Dolphin Browser at this moment.

Dolphin_Android Speed-Dial History

The good

  • A refreshingly flat UI

  • Intuitive navigation controls

  • Speed dial providing immediate access to web apps and bookmarks

  • Web store with dedicated “apps” for popular social portals

  • Add-on support allows enhancing the browser’s usefulness and functionality

  • Content sync with desktop

  • High level of customization using themes and wallpapers

The bad

  • Steeper-than-usual learning curve

  • Not the most effective HTML5 support

  • Can pull plenty of spam on your device

Dolphin Browser

Opera Browser for Android

We are talking about the Opera browser and never Opera mini here, which shed its beta tag some time back. The browser borrows every one of the niceties looking at the desktop counterpart, then adds some on the mix.

Opera for Android (1) Opera for Android (2)

The good

  • Very snappy page load time - possibly the fastest of most we’ve tested

  • Speed dial feature for instant access

  • Private browsing

  • Off-Road mode - compresses incoming traffic to reduce data costs and loading time

  • Content sync across Desktop & Mobile

  • Popup blocker

  • Capable download manager

The bad

  • Doesn’t offer as many features as several of the other choices

  • No easy to get at Forward navigation button

  • Off-Road mode less effective as claimed

Opera Browser

Maxthon Android Web Browser

Another very capable browser having a unique and distinctive list of features and interface, Maxthon claims speed and stability combined with the power of cloud, and for good measure.

Maxthon Browser for Android (1) Maxthon Browser for Android (2)

The good

  • Easiest navigation controls of every one of the reviewed browsers

  • Fully functional user agent control

  • Background page loading

  • Automatic caching of next page for faster browsing experience

  • Most intuitive search/URL bar combination

  • Cloud sync with download support (using Maxthon free storage)

  • Private browsing

  • Personalization through add-ons and themes

  • Text reflow to adjust display for screen size

The bad

  • Slower page loading time in comparison to others

  • Gesture support is tricky to make use of

  • Really poor full-screen browsing

Maxthon Android Web Browser

Mercury Browser

It’s the browser that became famous on iOS last but not least landed on Android. Of each of the players with this comparison, Mercury is the newest to grace Android using its presence, thus, had a great deal of competition to begin with. Still, it’s gaining interest by the minute, and rightly so.

Mercury-Browser-09 Mercury-Browser-24

The good

  • Plugin Support for feature enhancement and ad-blocking

  • Fully functional user agent controls

  • Passcode protection for extra privacy

  • More search engines like yahoo supported than another browser

  • Gesture-based controls for intuitive navigation

  • Day/Night modes

  • Import /Export bookmarks along with other apps

The bad

  • Compatibility problems with some new Android devices

  • Rather poor HTML5 rendering

  • Messes inside the device brightness every now and then

Mercury Browser

Boat Browser

This here's one browser that I personally don’t really feel strongly about, but it’s still amongst one with the most preferred among Android users. Boat Browser generally seems to borrow heavily from a number of others, but doesn’t really put anything out of its own that will make me want to switch to it.

Boat Browser (1) Boat Browser (2)

The good

  • Extensive customization support that even extends towards the sidebar layout and options

  • Theming and personalization support

  • Add-on support for feature enhancement

  • Cloud sync for content and bookmarks (partially free)

  • Speed dials for quicker navigation

The bad

  • Ad-supported at no cost users

  • Nothing exceptionally different or new

  • Questionable Flash performance

  • Does donrrrt you have a rendering engine of its own

Boat Browser

Floating Browser

This one is really distinctive from all other candidates within this comparison. You see, while most from the others are generally suitable for both smartphones and tablets, you’ll discover the maximum utility for Floating Browser for the larger screen or perhaps a tablet or phablet as opposed to a phone. The browser offers multiple floating windows you could place anywhere in your device, atop other running apps, where you can unique browsing experience while continuing to perform whatever else you're doing.

Floating Browser for Android (1) Floating Browser for Android (2)

The good

  • Unique floating windows allow browsing simultaneously with activities

  • Resizable and re-positionable windows

  • Each browser window contains its own pair of tabs

  • Clipboard monitoring for internet-specific content

  • Flash support

The bad

  • Limited features in free version

  • Not the very best browsing experience even by the long shot

  • A rather plain UI that lacks the polish of other popular browsers

Floating Browser

Stock Android Browser

Last but not the least, let’s keep in mind the stock browser that ships with Android. I like it personally because of its fast page loading times, low resource consumption and overall solid browsing experience. Thanks to a webkit-based rendering engine, the stock browser gives a virtually similar experience as Chrome, sans this article sync, and definitely runs superior to Chrome on older Android devices.

Stock Android Browser (1) Stock Android Browser (2)

The good

  • Excellent HTML5 rendering

  • Lightweight and resource friendly

  • User Agent control

  • Supports offline reading/caching

  • Bandwidth management features

  • Full support for Google Sign-In

  • Inter-app compatibility

The bad

  • Barebones and minimalistic features

  • Unintuitive navigation controls

There’s no download link just for this one; it’s already pre-loaded on your Android smartphone or tablet!

To sum up our roundup, these table offers a comparison for all those 8 browsers based on certain parameters that matter essentially the most for mobile browsing.

    * Feature is partially available (for free)
** Scores represent the experience on the scale of 1 - 10, with 10 being the most effective.
*** Inter-app compatibility represents the browser’s power to handle certain links in other stock Android apps, such as Maps etc.

Want to include something that we missed? Agree or disagree with the candidates? Drop us a comment below.

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