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Best Apps, Tips And Tweaks Of The Week [10.28.2013]


It’s that point of the week again when we round up the most popular as well as the less-popular but equally useful apps, tips and tweaks that you may have missed in your hectic workweek. This time around, we discuss the newest features in OS X Mavericks, using iCloud Keychain, quickly convert documents to PDF on Windows, the updated Vine app, and an Android app for enhancing system performance, among other excellent apps and tips.

Hands-On Review Of The New Features And Changes In OS X Mavericks


Features and changes-wise, OS X Mavericks is among the less exciting main system upgrades lately. However, it’s still superbly exciting since this is the first Apple has provided its OS free of charge. This single move from Apple will affect the rest of the industry too, as Microsoft can also get to consider changing the pricing insurance policy for Windows. In the post linked below, we individually go through all the modern stuff in Mavericks.

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How To Get iWork For Free On Older Macs


OS X Mavericks isn’t the only real software upgrade going free: Apple also relaunched its iWork suite of apps and it is giving them out totally free on many new Macs and iOS 7 devices. If you are while on an older Mac, you will find there's workaround using that you can still get it for free.

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View Custom Maps & Layers On The Go With Google Maps Engine For Android

Google Maps Engine Terms Google Maps Engine Map

Google introduced Maps Engine last 2011 to permit people to upload custom maps, in other words, ‘layers’ together with Google’s maps, so that you can view - for instance - how a world examines night (sourced from NASA), the Atlantic Ocean’s floor, and GDP rates (World Bank), etc. They’ve launched an app for Android to help you see these layers on the go.

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What Is iCloud Keychain And How To Set It Up On iOS


If you’re locked into Apple’s OS X and iOS ecosystem and even enjoy easy, cross-platform password syncing, then iCloud Keychain may be the way to go! It seamlessly, and securely, syncs your passwords and bank card information across your Mac, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

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Manage Firefox, Chrome & IE Extensions, Toolbars, Temp Data, Default Homepage & Search Engine With Browser Care

Auslogics-Browser-Care_Web Windows

After switching between Chrome, Firefox and Opera, I’ve finally made up my mind to choose Chrome. Those of you who still live the multi-browser life (web devs and designers, I’m investigating you!) could be interested in looking into Auslogic’s useful ‘Browser Care’ app for managing all browsers from one window. With it, it is possible to remove, disable or enable extensions and plugins, clear temporary browser data, customize the default homepage, and get a new default Search engine effortlessly.

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Android Tuner Offers Loads Of System Tweaks To Boost Performance

Memory Android Tuner

If you intend to get more performance from your aging smartphone, look no further than Android Tuner. It’s excellent for quickly applying various system tweaks - doing items like adjusting CPU clock speed, clearing RAM, freezing apps, uninstalling system apps, plus much more!

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Compare, Copy & Sync Files Or Folders Locally And Remotely With PathSync

PathSync v0.35 - Analysis

I rely on Microsoft’s own ‘SyncToy’ for syncing two directories, but it’s good to have alternatives. PathSync is free and open-source, and can compare, copy and sync files or folders both locally and remotely. We liked it, and so are sure you will too.

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Monitor How Your Android Apps Are Using System Resources With M2AppMonitor

M2AppMonitor My Reports Reports

M2AppMonitor is an app for monitoring how other apps are performing in your Android device. You can see which apps are draining one of the most amount of battery, which apps you use the most, which ones have access to contacts, and more! What’s more, you can compare your leads to those gathered from other users of the app. Use it along with Android Tuner to find the most from your system.

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Convert To PDF From Windows Context Menu With Cometdocs

Convert To

PDF is indeed one of the most portable document format today, since every modern device can open one (unlike proprietary Office documents), so having a tool easily accessible to convert into it in a couple of clicks is immensely handy. Cometdocs has been doing document conversion on the net for quite some time, and today they’ve launched a native desktop app with context menu integration! Neat.

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Get Galaxy S4-Like Shooting Modes On All Android Devices With ‘A Better Camera’

A Better Camera Modes

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 and Note 3 include a powerful Camera app that merely isn’t on other Android devices. Looking for a similar set of features? Check out ‘A Better Camera’! Modes like Burst, Night, Object, Group, Panorama, Sequence are built right in!

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How To Edit Videos & Save Recording Sessions In Vine App For Android & iOS

Vine-save-session-for-later Delete-recording-Vine-segments

One of Vine users’ biggest complaints using the mobile app has become fixed! You can now save multiple draft videos another to later, and will also edit individual clips from each Vine video. Messing up one small sequence no longer means restarting all over again! We walk you through the best way to perform these actions.

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