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Zotope RX3 Advanced 3 How to use Channel Operations Channel Operations in Zotope RX3 Advanced 3 Channel Mixing This allows for specific control over both left and right signal and balance levels. Left & Right Mix (%) - Allows you to define how much of the current left or right signal will be present in the new target left and right channels. Phase Rotation By rotating phase, this feature can help reduce asymmetric waveforms that can occasionally occur in audio such as dialog and voice. Making the waveform more symmetrical allows the voice to ride perceivably higher in the mix by providing accurate headroom above the waveform. Phase Rotation (deg) - This parameter controls by what degree amount the left or right channel's phase will be rotated. Vari Phase Rotation - Enabling vari phase rotation will analyze the audio selection and apply the time-variable phase rotation to both left and right channels resulting in a symmetrical waveform, minimizing signal peak levels. Azimuth Adjustment Allowing control over specific left and right gain and delay, Azimuth adjustment can help to repair audio irregularities that can occur with improper tape head alignment or other speed related issues. Vari Level Matching Allows for automatic time variable adjustment of the right channel gain in order to match the level of the left channel. Gain (dB) - Allows for manual adjustment over the gain of the left and right audio channels Vari Azimuth Alignment Provides an option for automatic time-variable adjustment of the right channel's sample delay in order to align the waveform with the left channel. Delay (samples) - Allows for manual adjustment over the delay in samples of the left and right audio channels. Learn - Provides an aid in determining gain or delay mismatches. 'Learn' will analyze any audio selection and determine the appropriate amounts of gain or delay to apply in order to have a stable

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