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YouTube Founders’ Social Video Sharing App MixBit Comes To Android

Just if you think there’s no scope for another social media service, just one more one also comes in. While the social movie sharing has seen its great amount of success with Instagram and Vine, it seems nobody has worked out how to do it properly. Back in August, YouTube co-founders Chad Hurley and Steven Chen launched their very own video sharing app dubbed MixBit for iOS, and after this marks the expansion of the intend to Android also. On its elementary, MixBit enables one to shoot and combine multiple 16-second films, edit them and publish them as one large video project on Facebook, Twitter and MixBit’s own social space. You can also add hashtags for your videos to ensure they are easier to find and sort by others.

Shooting videos couldn’t be easier than MixBit, since you can start it without delay by tapping the top-right ‘Start here’ button through the home screen. You can shoot in landscape and portrait modes, although former provides top quality. After positioning your device, tap and hold on the screen and MixBit will start recording; let your finger disappear the screen, and the shooting will automatically stop. What makes MixBit different from Vine and Instagram is its ability to combine up to 256 different clips (each as much as 16 seconds long) to overcome an hour of combined footage in one video project.

Mixbit Homescreen Record Mixbit

In case you’re wondering how the editing option works, enter in the editing screen by tapping next in the recording area, and you’ll be able to delete unneeded clips, insert videos already kept in your device in the current project, duplicate the selected clip, and trim the various components that you don’t need to keep.

MixBit also lets you export a clip towards the Gallery if you happen to don’t need to publish the total stream yet. The export function allows other users to use your clips in their own projects - an element both Vine and Instagram lack - and likewise, let one to find and employ other users’ content in your own. This feature, however, requires one to create a MixBit account first. One thing I noticed is that the app doesn’t offer any Instagram-like video filters and effects on your clips.

Edit Trim

When you’re delighted by your editing, tap the subsequent arrow to type in the Publish screen, where you can upload the playback quality. MixBit allows you to choose the privacy level (Public or Limited) also as add location info, title and hashtags for a videos from this level.

Publish Upload menu

The way MixBit allows you to record multiple small clips then join them into a single video project that’s still editable is unquestionably its flagship feature.  The interface with the iOS app looks and operations the same way as the iOS app, rendering it look much more a port from the iOS app than one coded yourself for Android. Besides that along with the lack of filters, there’s not much to criticize regarding the app. You can download MixBit through the link below.

Install MixBit from Google Play Store

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