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Weekly Design News Roundup – 18 October 2013


The week is coming to an end and that means the time is right for us to take a look back about the week that passed, the top design news, resources and also other goodies. This week we look at 10 mistakes which will kill your site, creative mobile web site design,  5 great ways to improve any site quickly, some amazing code snippets from Code Pen and much more.

21 Very Fresh HTML5 Websites For Inspiration

Thanks to HTML5 that literally brings amazing improvements on the web market using its functionality. According to World Wide Web Consortium, HTML5 is its beginning stages all night to reach at its “Recommendation” stage in the upcoming years. Regardless of this there are numerous experienced developers taking benefits of HTML5 and building the most remarkable websites. A slew of the latest features consist in HTML5 that makes web designer more excited. One of the most likeable reasons for having HTML5 is it comes with media features and elements like audio, video canvas, etc. that assists in integrating media components into site without needing any proprietary software. Time to time ,here on Designbeep we enjoy share website esign on your inspiration and today there exists a very fresh assortment of HTML5 websites for your inspiration.


55 Creatively Crafted One-Page Portfolio WordPress Themes

One Page website consists of only an individual HTML or dynamically generated page, and navigating to various sections of your website - which would normally require a user to a new page - just scrolls around the one page fot it content’s section. If you are looking to wow your customers and visitors using the creativity and awesomeness, then here are 55 Creatively Crafted One-Page Portfolio WordPress Themes that could be perfect for your situation.


10 Super Useful Tools for Better Web Typography

It’s been said that web design is 95% typography. So as a web designer, obtaining the typography right is essential. Today with the growing rise in popularity of web fonts and modern CSS techniques, this has become easier, nevertheless it never hurts to have all the enable you to can get with something so critical. That’s why we’ve put together some useful tools to allow you to create better web typography.


Best Photoshop Plugins, Scripts and Extensions

Today’s post on eGrappler has a wide range of free Photoshop plugins, tools and extensions. In this post, we have listed a few of very useful and free Photoshop extensions and plugins that might be handy when working on Photoshop projects.In this post, you'll find links to free vector icons, 3D Photoshop actions, plus a free tool for extracting image layers from any PSD/PSB file. You will also discover a free 3D Photoshop map action to convert a designated map to some three dimensional isometric stylish one a single click. For iOS and Android UI designers, this post lists useful Photoshop Scripts for generating the device art.


5 Quick & Simple Design Tricks to Liven Up Any Project

Sometimes you do have a perfectly good layout, however your design needs a bit something extra in order to complete it off. Unfortunately, it’s simple to get stuck and grow completely void of ideas. Today we’re going to allow you to solve this challenge by highlighting five random design ideas you could incorporate into the back of design tricks. Let’s begin!


Awesome Collection of Creative Mobile Web Designs

With the increasing rate that new cellphones loaded with cool technology features being introduced from time to time there is no doubt that quantity of mobile users will surpass the desktop users within the nearby future. In fact, I should claim that it has already taken over all other means. To meet the needs of the consumers, with each passing day, the joy of technology gets a new addition of assorted features who advertise to make the consumers drool over.


25 Popular HTML/CSS Code Snippets from CodePen

CodePen is an excellent web application that let you build HTML, CSS and Javascript snippets from any computer which have Internet access. It’s all to easy to share the code and have feedback using their company users. If you want to opt-in for a PRO version you will definately get some cool features like: pair programming across the globe (live collaboration on code), teach a classroom of students (have students watch you choose to work in real time), easily upload files to utilize.


Use HTML 5 for Animation on Web Page - (Example, Code, Tips)

HTML 5 replaces heavy Flash animations, now we can easily use HTML 5 Built in features for animation.  HTML 5 uses Java Script to complete the animation on Web Page. Today we are going to share a fairly easy animation using HTML 5 Canvas to create animation. <canvas> elements tag accustomed to draw shapes and get some animation making use of it. It gives replacement for draw multi color shapes and objects on web page.  Using <canvas> tag we could also create image while rendering of page.

Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 2.04.48 PM

Responsive WordPress Themes - Premium Collection

This is a number of perfectly responsive and beautiful WordPress theme which has a unique designs. All themes are come up with massive admin including a template customization, drag & drop page builder, unlimited fonts, colors, backgrounds and sidebars which makes your work simpler to run your powerful website. All these are fully responsive and tested on latest WordPress version.


10 Plugins that should be on every WordPress site

One of the great reasons for having WordPress may be the ability to create and distribute plugins that extend the core capabilities of WordPress far beyond something that was originally imagined from the developers. With over 27,000 plugins available within the official WordPress plugin directory, it is usually quite difficult to choose which ones to make use of or even to get one for the specific job when there are plenty of that claim to get better than all of the others. Here is our help guide to some of the most effective plugins we feel should be on all WordPress based sites, together with what they are capable of doing for you.


Showcase of 30+ Creative Flat Mobile Icon Designs for Designers

A large amount of folks will determine that flat design usually is really a good thing for usability as well as simple navigation. Therefore, there are a lots of great flat mobile icons assets which can be found online. In our list below, we've got composed greater than 30 flat mobile icons that you can use as motivation for the profitable and projects.


10 Web Design Mistakes That Kill a Website

Building a web site ain’t hard. Even if you don't have the skills to code one yourself, there’s nothing to stop you from customising a pre-designed template. A logo here; a great typeface there and BOOM - you got yourself a fully functional website.


25 Awesome Free Fonts for Web and Graphic Designers

Today there are many fonts that a designer becomes unclear about which one to make use of. Selection of a font demands some time and experience this also is where the graphic designer feels challenged. The best trick to ascertain if a font fits a design is by visualizing the look without the chosen font and then by replacing it with one more to see the difference within the impact it can make. We have collected a beautiful variety of free fonts for graphic and also web designers to assist them get that perfect font they are looking for. Enjoy the collection!


Looking for New Inspiration? Get It from Video Games

Video games came a long way considering that the era of simple pixels bouncing off one another. The Entertainment Software Association reports 58 percent of Americans play game titles, showing the amount they have be a part of our day-to-day lives. Video game design is some one of the most cutting-edge anywhere, and Web developers and designers could study a lot out there titles along with their websites. Not only do the websites accurately reflect the titles they’re representing visually, video game websites often produce a user experience which is just as fun as playing the games. Here are just several games, their design elements, and the official websites that share these elements web developers could have a cue from.

Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 2.14.53 PM

Where could be the ethical line for web designers?

As the web matures and now we learn more about user behaviour, we're beginning to understand how easy it can be to manipulate people online. Add to this our growing knowledge of marketing and psychology, and it can be hardly surprising that this issue of ethics has become raised. Websites such as Dark Patterns highlight the seedy belly of UX design as it attempts to govern people into doing things they're going to later regret. Whether this is purposely making privacy options confusing as a way to trick people into sharing additional information than they may be comfortable with, or spamming friends on social networks without their explicit permission, we're all asked to do things that were not comfortable with.


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