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Weekly Design News Roundup – 11 October 2013


The week is coming to an end and that means it's high time for us to appear back for the week that passed, the best design news, resources and also other goodies. This week we take a look at Gaming site templates, approaches to improve your website, previous the most popular websites plus much more.

Collection Of Trendy Flat Portfolio Website Templates

One of the most effective way to create a website without too much is to use a ready coded website template(HTML5/CSS3) or having an open source CMS application.Portfolio of your web designer and developer or a graphic designer is a lot like his/her identity.It represents the designer for their clients.So an incredibly well designed portfolio website can be be extremely effective for your first impression.Today,you can find dozens of free web themes to use as a your portfolio website but think about getting a cheap well coded website template with support?
ın today’s post we bring together flat style web themes for portfolio owners.All the themes are coded in HTML5 and CSS3 with Twitter Bootstrap or Zurb Foundation.


15 Beautiful Free Fonts For Your Creative Designs

The using good and suitable fonts is therefore must if you would like enhance the appearance and feel of your design making everything look homogeneous and beautiful. A plethora of different types of fonts can be purchased out there on the web; both free and paid. If you are with limited funds or simply don’t wish to spend some extra bucks on buying fonts for the designs; then while using the free fonts is a good choice since you can also find some really amazing absolutely free fonts in just about all categories. The surplus quantities of free fonts make the task of determing the best font for your creative design a tricky and time-consuming task. This is where posts just like the one you might be currently reading be convenient as they provide you a list of essentially the most amazing and delightful fonts available out there which are high-quality and glitch-free. So today we're presenting a list of 15 Beautiful Free Fonts For Your Creative Designs. Check this list out and reap the benefits of it and keep your precious time as well as.


10 Signs of the User-Focused Design

When building a new website or re-designing a current one, web developers are faced with all kinds of significant challenges, including keeping the client happy, making a site that gets results, and catering to users at the same time. During the design and development process it’s easy to get distracted and disregard the significance of usability. Since we’re the methods creating the site, we realize it much better than any visitor will, and sometimes it’s easy to forget about the impact on users. In order to improve the usability of your respective work, target specific elements of the design which will influence users probably the most, and earn sure that the website holds up during these areas. Here is a examine 10 items to consider.


20 Websites To Improve Your Web Design and Development Skills

Most web developers and web developers started by teaching themselves techniques and methods, found around the web. Very few of which actually followed some courses or went to design schools. The best way of learning website design and website design is to improve by yourself, that’s where passion and commitement arrive. Self-taught designers and developers discovered a lot from websites which provide well structured information, tutorials and useful articles.

Screen Shot 2013-10-11 at 12.49.07 PM

Trip Down Memory Lane: Early Designs of Popular Sites

Over time websites update and change their design style gradually, sometimes for better, sometimes for worse, but like it or not, the Internet can be a rapidly evolving organism. Interface design trends will always be changing and you can see these ideas reflected in past website layouts. For this article I need to present a small collection of previous designs on popular websites, examining how they have changed through various iterations. What many would call the “web 2.0″ era added a great deal of new ideas into the design culture. By looking time for the past we could learn what interfaces did wonders, and above all, for which reasons. History is obviously a powerful teacher in hindsight.


10 New Popular jQuery Plugins You Should Check Out

We regularly look for useful new tools,websites and plugins for designers and developers and now we share them either on Designbeep or on Facebook and Twitter.In today’s post we compile recently released jQuery plugins which were really useful on your upcoming design projects. Here is the assortment of 10 free jQuery plugins worth looking at.


51 Form Element Resources and Tutorials Using CSS And Javascript

I featured many trendy contact forms some time ago - 91 Trendy Contact And Web Forms For Creative Inspiration, so you should know how looks good example. Now let’s take a look how to create outstanding and decorative form components from scratch ourselves. Things could possibly get tricky even if you happen to be experienced designer. It’s tough to attract visitors attention, but this informative article should help stand out and make semantically correct, trendy and accessible web forms, checkboxes, radio buttons, buttons, fieldsets - everything you can imagine when you are creating contact or login page!


15+ Best WordPress Gaming Themes 2013

Everyone may be gaming enthusiasts. There’s no limit to anyone who can enjoy the video game to pass the time, so gaming blogs of cyber games continues taking extensive popularity. As essentially the most dominant CMS platform, WordPress always provides you perfect answers to run a game portal. A well-designed WordPress Gaming Theme should give fully control to some webmaster, let you tweak and customize any feature in the theme. Most of the dedicated themes have a great contrast colors layout to make your site more impressive and integrate an author or user rating system, recent reviews, community and more for better buyer experience.


20 Super Free Fonts for Designers

In this information you will see a assortment of 20 super and high quality fonts which can be free to download. You can use these fonts in titling, headlines, brochure designs, posters, promotional stuffs, letters, and magazines. High quality font built to give your projects a fresh and inventive look! Please don’t forget to check our huge font library. I hope you’ll enjoy.


The Worst Trends in Modern Web Design

This article is obviously not the repetition infact is reverse of that. Here, I have listed along the worst modern web page design trends  that are annoying to the viewers. I mean imagine you discover  an incredibly good website that appears being visually appealing but is poorly designed including various aspects that irritate you much that you with no adieu close it and seek out any other user-friendly website instead.


30 Best Performing HTML5 Templates For Your Business

We all know that HTML5 templates have gained a great deal of popularity inside a short span of time. Obviously, there can be a good reason behind the recognition and they are deserved and needed. Although, there is often a lot at work being done on HTML5, still it has were able to bring us lots of new features. The best part is that virtually all new browsers support HTML5. My favorite addition of HTML5 features will be HTML5 templates. These templates are proving to become really very theraputic for all designers. Designers can design a website through the use of numerous and interesting features in addition to new tags. A great good thing about HTML5 templates is always that designers won’t need exclusive plugins such as Flash.


How To Get Subscribers From Your 404 Page

We’ve all heard that trope about producing lemonade when life provides you with lemons. Well, however can be called a “lemon” on the planet of web-surfing, it’s the irritating 404 page. Whatever the reason for this, it could be a down server, a broken link, a website that will no longer exists, or a badly typed URL, the 404 page is annoying. But clever businesses can turn that 404 lemon into gallons of sweet, delicious lemonade by re-purposing that page into a sales magnet. With the right elements in place, you possibly can make the 404 page a new means of getting subscribers. Here’s some practical advice to help turn that negative into a positive.


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