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Video Messaging Finally Arrives On Skype For Windows Phone

Skype was obviously a latecomer on Windows Phone, but everyone belief that once the app became available, it won’t be too distinctive from its counterparts on iOS and Android. With the passage of time, this assumption has been proven wrong more often than not over, as despite being owned by Microsoft itself, the WP app with the service has always been way down in the priority list when it comes to rolling out new features with the service. A few months back, Skype introduced video messaging on all the platforms, but WP7 and WP8 were left out from the picture. Now, however, the feature has finally been added to the Windows Phone app from the service, so that you can record video messages for anybody easily, and after that share them whether or not the other party is just not online. Thanks to Skype’s latest update, it is possible to share numerous videos together with your friends as you want, knowning that too and never have to worry about every one of the awkwardness that accompanies live video chatting.

Skype WP Video Message Skype WP Video Record Skype WP Video Send

The new ‘video message’ option will not be placed inside the most obvious of locations, to struggle to still find it right away. To send videos, go with a contact and open their dedicated chat thread. The button only shows up when you hit the ‘settings’ button through the bottom bar in the conversation. The option can there be for both online and offline contacts, so that you don’t must wait for anybody to be online prior to deciding to shoot a youtube video for them.

The video view in Skype is quite simple. Before you begin recording, it is possible to switch between rear and front cams. This choice isn't available during a relevant video recording session, so be sure to select the appropriate camera before striking the red record button. The video messages supported by Skype can not be more than three minutes in length, but that you should enough for the majority of occasions, specially actions lead to there is no limit for the number of messages that can be sent to one particular user. Once a relevant video has been shot, you are able to view it as more often than not as you want before it's actually shared.

Apart in the addition of the feature for the app, Skype for Windows Phone hasn’t changed quite a lot in this recent update. There are the usual performance improvements and bug fixes, but nothing in regards to the UI and existing features has been altered.

As always, Skype is really a free app and creates both WP7 and WP8. Give it a go by heading to the following link.

Install Skype from Windows Phone Store

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