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TheStyle Blogger Template

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Out of all the Blogger templates that I’ve seen thus far that has a masonry design layout, SoraTemplates‘ TheStyle has to be the one with the most unique take on it, because unlike the mediocre ones, theirs involves having one of several columns occupy twice space. Actually, it’s a 4-column layout with 2 sidebars, along with the first row in the center usually fills up 2 column space. The succeeding rows are then evenly divided to 4 prior to the next page.

he jQuery mouseover effect is quite nice; as soon as your mouse cursor hovers over one article it expands its container whilst it dims out others. The date stamp looks great too; aside from being very visible, it blends perfectly with all the post’s thumbnail, like it’s part of the image.

Things I wish it has is a far more stylish CSS3 effect for your navigation menu, an even more refined Search box (‘coz that brown outline that appears every time you click onto it just removes the professional look with the template), plus some social sharing widget preferably at the pinnacle (though the footer would do just fine).

As for the template’s features, it include: page navigation, SEO friendly, 1-to-4-column footer, plus a jump (a.k.a. Read more) button.

NOTE: One thing you’d need to remember if you happen to might want to try it out however is that you should at least have 10 published posts in order to the template to operate properly.

You can download TheStyle template here.

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