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Sync Chrome & Firefox Bookmarks With iCloud On Windows

It’s been a fantastic month for Apple fans. Last week’s biggest Apple news was the highly anticipated release of the iOS 7 update. And this week, the people at Cupertino have begun dropping more, smaller inclusions in its software lineup, which now includes an updated iCloud Control Panel for Windows that permits you to synchronize Safari bookmarks between iOS devices and Mozilla Firefox as well as Google Chrome. While this feature was already available for Internet Explorer for quite sometime, it’s good to determine the app’s expansion to additional platforms. The iCloud Bookmarks extension permits you to save bookmarks in your iPhone or iPad, and still have everything synced to desktop versions of Chrome or Firefox. Details as soon as the jump.

For those unfamiliar, iCloud is Apple’s cloud storage service that let users synchronize files with an online secure location in order to make them accessible across all iDevices and over the internet. iCloud offers around 5GB of safe-keeping to free subscribers and comes default wonderful Apple services, with additional paid plans for those who need more storage.

Coming to iCloud Bookmarks, first you need to download and install the kind of browser extension using the links provided after the post. If you currently have iTunes installed on the machine, then both clients will work out of the box. If not, you will end up asked to download and install the standalone iCloud Control Panel app too. You can grab the tool from either Apple’s Support Download web page, or via clicking the ‘Download’ button provided by the iCloud Bookmarks extension. Both browser extensions are employed in conjunction with the iCloud Control Panel, and require an Apple ID to sync data between browser and iCloud.

Download iCloud Control Panel

Just like Google and Microsoft, Apple lets you link a single account to any or all the services it operates. That means the bookmark syncing feature can be linked to your Apple account, and so requires that you sign into iCloud making use of your Apple credentials, which include your Apple ID and password. Simply enter them inside login window, striking the ‘Sign in’ button to hop on to the main app.

iCloud Bookmarks sign in

Besides bookmarks, the Control Panel consists of additional iCloud services, together with your Photo streams. The application enables you to toggle bookmark synchronization between supported platforms immediately from the Bookmarks Options dialog.

iCloud Bookmark Service

Note why these extensions will work only on Firefox or Chrome running on Windows 7 and Windows 8, and Apple has yet to announce iCloud bookmark syncing support to the Mac or Linux versions of such browsers. The appropriate iCloud Bookmarks extensions for Windows versions of these browsers could be download using the following links.

iCloud Bookmarks for Chrome

iCloud Bookmarks for Firefox

iCloud Control Panel

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