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Snaptee Comes To Android; Lets You Design & Purchase Custom T-Shirts On The Go

There’s an entire variety of web services that permit you to create and design your own T-Shirts how you want then have them shipped for your doorstep. Though suppose you want to build your T-shirts out and about from the ease of your smartphone or tablet? Back in May, we covered Snaptee for iOS that permits you to do just that from the iPhone, and also the service has now made its way to Android at the same time. Snaptee for Android lets you create awesome tees by sprucing them on top of photos, text, quotes and even Instagram pictures without needing to sit down in front of a PC with the aim. The service even lets you sell your design to others and earn a 10% commission on every order sold, and never having to spend any money. The app’s integrated editor works great for creating various kinds of text and image-bassed designs.

Snaptee is similar to the Instagram of tees. You can create a free account using your Facebook or Twitter profiles (or register with your existing account, should you be already an individual of the service) once done, start sharing or liking various tee designs. You can browse collections by other users, and add them for your favorites also so you may easily jump back in your desired one inch the future, if you ever wish to buy it. The home screen enables you to quickly browse through t-shirts in categories like Editor’s Choice, Big Quotes, and My Feed.

Swiping left or right enables you to browse through the various shirts available. When it comes to variety, there are various designs to select from, especially because there’s a complete community of men and women creating something unique all the time. Another great feature is users could also allow others to remix their existing designs to be able to bring something better yet to the table. You can remix such designs produced by others yourself too, to create something just how you want.

Snaptee Main Browse

Tapping a design raises the order form, which you could see the price from the shirt also as choose your size. Most T’s possess a $19.95 price tag, while the shipping rate are vastly different depending on where you are. You can, however, reduce the shipping cost via ordering over $19.95 worth of tees, upon which Snaptee offers free worldwide shipping.

Besides purchasing readymade designs, the app also permits you to creating your personal collection yourself. Tapping your camera button on home screen brings up the type selection menu which you could choose to add text, take and add a photo in the camera, gallery or Instagram, or insert a special coupon code to unlock premium designs.

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People that like T0shirts with quotes, one liners or catchy phrases can be delighted to start to see the built-in text editor where you can type anything you need. You can change text color, size and font type as well. You also can put pictures as well as text, tap the Random button to get surprised. Each design might be shared on Facebook or Twitter. You can either save your valuable design for a collection, or elect to publish and then sell on it at the same time.

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The social networking space has been growing in each and every genre available and if the social network of T-shirts is the thing that you needed, you’ve got it now with Snaptee. The app can be obtained at Google Play free of charge.

Install Snaptee from Play Store

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