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Phonly Is A Great Free Feedly Client For Windows Phone 8

Google doesn’t have got official apps designed for Windows Phone, but developers often try and fill this void with third-party apps of their own. Back inside days of Mango, WP7 had some great Google Reader clients like Aloud and Reader2Go. Now that Google Reader is dead, there's a clear necessity of some fresh additions to the genre of RSS readers within the Windows Phone Store. On other smartphone platforms and desktop, the one service that appears to have taken the spot of Google Reader for most of us is Feedly. So, it makes sense that the first major RSS reader arrive at WP8 is a Feedly client. Phonly can be a very thorough app, offering whatever you are ever more likely to find in similar apps on iOS or Android. You can manage your feeds, read articles, and even add new sources towards the mix effortlessly.

Phonly WP8 Sing In Phonly WP8 Options Phonly WP8 Settings

Anyone who isn’t already using Feedly could use Phonly, but only after enrolling from the app’s welcome screen. Creating a new account doesn’t take much effort, as simply linking your Google ID with all the app suffices.

Before you start out browsing your feeds in Phonly, it is advisable to configure the app exactly the way you desire. To add new feed sources for your requirements, go on the bottom bar and tap the ‘add content’ option. Other settings include toggling the visibility of read items, marking articles automatically as read after you have opened them, and associating services like Pocket and Instapaper along with your account.

Phonly WP8 Today Phonly WP8 Feed Phonly WP8 Article

The ‘Today’ section in Phonly will give you an overview of the main articles which have been recently posted with the websites you follow. Apart from these featured articles, another highlight is the possibility of checking sources individually, or browsing the categories your leisure. A black badge next to each source’s name shows the number of unread articles residing inside it.

To mark a post as read, long-press it and judge the appropriate option in the resulting menu. In the feeds view, you can find three shortcuts below each article that will help you with this task. An item can be marked as read or unread, you are able to share it over social websites, or save it for your bookmarks. From the options bar within the article, it is possible to also jump to Internet Explorer to watch the current post there.

Phonly is a free app, nevertheless it does have some ads using some really prominent positions. To get rid of those, you need to spend $1.99 and upgrade to Phonly Pro. The app works only on WP8; check the page below if you need to do it on your device.

Install Phonly from Windows Phone Store

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