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NiftySplit Opens Links From One Chrome Window In Another Side-By-Side

Although many people use tabs for opening new links or websites, sometimes you don’t desire to open each link inside a new tab to prevent jumping between different tabs one after the other. That said, it isn’t very convenient to keep on pressing the back button with your browser either to help keep navigating between different pages of the same website inside same tab. What if there was clearly a way to keep two browser windows open alongside and have the links from first window open automatically inside the second one? NiftySplit is surely an extension for Google Chrome generated for just that purpose. The extension permits you to start a new browsing session dubbed NiftySplit, where any link through the window about the left may be opened inside the window for the right. This prove useful when you wish to keep the primary webpage available all the time, whilst browsing through further pages which are linked from this.

An extension like this might attract a rather small selection of of users, but for those searching for something like this, it could do wonders. Furthermore, most modern PCs have widescreen displays while many websites are nevertheless optimized for vertical and narrow display, thus opening two windows side by side also makes better utilisation of the screen real-estate. To start your NiftlySplit session, right-click for the required link and choose ‘Open as NiftySplit window’ from your context menu, which in turn instantly divides your window into two. The primary window appears for the left, while the link you clicked opens in the right one.

Open in new nitfy window

From there on, any link you click inside left window is loaded inside right one inside same tab. This can show to be really useful when browsing services like YouTube and Wikipedia, mainly because it lets you endlessly keep surfing new videos and articles without having to lose the page you commenced from. In case you should open a link in a separate tab inside the principal window, just click it with the Ctrl key pressed, or use the middle click button about it. Closing either with the windows quits your NiftlySplit session.


NiftlySplit also allows you to customize several options via the Setting screen. For instance, you can easily adjust NiftlySplit window size between 10% to 90% using a small slider. In addition, you are able to set whether or not to override the prevailing tab when opening new link, or utilize a separate tab for the purpose. Other than that, you are able to customize the behavior of both windows upon maximizing, closing or resizing.

NiftySplit Options

Overall, NiftySplit is definitely an innovative Chrome extension that creates browsing links from your particular webpage less difficult. The extension can be grabbed for free from your link provided below.

Install NiftySplit from Chrome Web Store

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