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Microsoft to Acquire Nokia's Devices And Services for $7.2 billion Deal

Microsoft to Acquire Nokia's Devices & Services business for $7.2 billion Deal

We’ve already saw next. As expected for 3 years of partnership of developing Windows Phone. Microsoft now to obtain Nokia’s devices and services for 5.44 billion euros, that’s $7.17 billion. Same as what Google did, it acquired Motorola Mobile Division.

The total purchase price of 5.44 billion euros, the location where the 3.79 billion is good for the purchase of Nokia's Devices & Services business, and 1.65 billion for your mutual patent agreement and future option.

“A 10-year non-exclusive license

granted to Microsoft”

A 10-year non-exclusive license granted to Microsoft for Nokia’s patents and will itself focus on network infrastructure and services.

The deal will makes Nokia's CEO Stephen Elop return to Microsoft, where he will be the top of the Devices division. Whereas Risto Siilasmaa will likely be Nokia's CEO by using an interim basis going forward.

32,000 individuals are expected to be transfer to Microsoft as soon as the deal closes. Out of those, 4,700 come in Finland, another 18,300 are directly linked to manufacturing and assembly of products worldwide.

The deal is anticipated to be close in the very first quarter of 2014, where pending for approval by Nokia shareholders and regulatory authorities.


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