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Memoir For iPhone Shows Photo Reminders Of Your Past Based On Time & Location

You may possibly not have time for this often enough, nevertheless it can be a really enriching experience to appear back your social network activities occasionally while. Most users are merely concerned with the most up-to-date happenings on his or her timeline, however the fact of the matter is that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter far more of other services maintain records of your every move beginning with the time you create your account with them. Apps like Timehop can treat that you a blast in the past every once in a while, though the newly released Memoir can perform a lot more in addition to that. The app strives to generate a complete database of your respective memories picked from on the list of photos on your social network. You can search through this variety of memories, but although you may don’t, Memoir makes sure that you don’t neglect the important stuff by coming up with reminders whenever you are with someone that is a part of the memories, or if you visit a place you have been to before.

Memoir can’t work if you don't grant it access to your iPhone’s local image library and several of the social network accounts you have. The supported services include Facebook, Instagram, and Foursquare. You also have to enroll in a new account for the app by entering your email ID and a fresh password.

During the initial, one-time setup, normally it takes Memoir approximately two hours to arrange all your photos right into a neat collection, so you’ll should be patient. The app uploads your whole photo cache to its secure and personal (in accordance with the developer) servers. One thing we can easily vouch for is none of the photos are made public on your social media unless you might like to do so.

Memoir iOS Memoir iOS Memory Memoir iOS Request

After the app has finally finished its business, either quit it and await its notifications, or you have the option of browsing through the social media posts from your past. Memoir generates alerts according to three criteria:

  • Location-based reminders arrive whenever you are with a place that you have previously snapped photos.

  • If you post with regards to a friend, or if an associate of yours uses Memoir, the app detects you are together and generates a list of photos that you and your friend might are actually in.

  • Like Timehop, Memoir tells you of the past activities on any given day. Where it differs from your older app is you can perform a search for a particular date and get posts related to it.

If you want a timeline view of the photos, hit the calendar icon from your top bar after which scroll on the screen. Each post can be looked at individually, and you may even choose to re-share it using your friends over social networking. Memoir features a commenting system of the own, too.

Other than gathering your memories in your case, Memoir could be a pretty handy photo sharing tool as well. If you were at an event with one or more of your friends, just invite these to join Memoir and request the crooks to share some of the event’s photos with you so that you can make them your own.

Memoir includes a Mac client as well, which may be used to help make your photo collection even richer by syncing images from the computer. Even if you don’t need to do that, though, Memoir for iPhone runs practically on its own. The app is free, and will be downloaded through the link below.

Install Memoir from App Store

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