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Juggle two Chrome windows with ease with NiftySplit

This Chrome extension splits the browser into two windows, enabling you to open links from your left window within the right window. It will affect the way you browse Reddit and other sites.

Matt Elliott

September 9, 2013 2:34 PM PDT

NiftySplit is perfect when browsing Reddit or any link-laden site that has you repeatedly jumping forward and backward or opening more tabs than you'd want to admit. This Chrome extension permits you to browse two side-by-side windows, opening links derived from one of window inside other.

(Credit: Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET)

NiftySplit adds a brand new item in your right-click menu: Open as NiftySplit window. Choose this approach and the link where you have right-clicked will open in a new Chrome window right of your present window. But, wait, there's more! The new window opens to fill the right half of your respective display, while your overall window is resized to fill the left half of your display.

After you have opened a NiftySplit window, any link you click on in the current page inside the left window will open inside right window. Such an arrangement makes browsing Reddit, for instance, a more efficient and enjoyable pursuit.

(Credit: Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET)

When you're done with your two-pane Reddit session, simply close either window to return for your regular browsing ways. In most instances, you'll close the right window that you simply opened with NiftySplit, as well as in that case, the left window is conveniently returned to its prior size.

In the settings, it is possible to choose how your NiftySplit windows are sized, and you are able to set it so links open inside the current tab in the NiftySplit window or as new tabs.

(Via Ghacks)

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