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Intelligent Technologies for Web Applications

“Intelligent Technologies for Web Applications” by Priti Srinivas Sajja, Rajendra Akerkar
Chapman & Hall/CRC Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Series
CRC Press / Taylor & Francis Group | 2012 | ISBN: 1439871620 9781439871621 9781439871645 | 359 pages | PDF | 15 MB

This is one of the first books to focus on providing vital fundamental and advanced guidance in your community of Web intelligence for beginners and researchers.

The book covers techniques from diverse aspects of research, including:
Natural language processing
Information extraction, retrieval, and filtering
Knowledge representation and management
Machine learning
Data, web, and text mining
Human-computer interaction
Semantic web related technologies

To develop effective and intelligent web applications and services, it is important to discover useful knowledge through analyzing huge amounts of content, hidden content structures, or usage patterns of web data resources. Intended to improve and reinforce problem-solving methods in this area, this book delves in to the hybridization of artificial intelligence (AI) and web related technologies to help simplify complex Web operations. It introduces readers towards the state-of-the art growth and development of web intelligence techniques and teaches how you can apply these techniques to formulate the next generation of intelligent Web applications.
The book displays presented projects, case studies, and innovative ideas, which readers can explore independently as standalone research projects. This material facilitates experimentation with all the book’s content by including fundamental tools, research directions, practice questions, and further reading.

Part I: Introduction for the Web, machine learning, new Al techniques, and web intelligence
1 - Introduction to World Wide Web
2 - Machine learning concepts
3 - Overview of constituents for that new artificial intelligence
4 - Web intelligence
Part II: Information retrieval, mining, and extraction of content from the Web
5 - Web information retrieval
6 - Web mining
7 - Structured data extraction
Part III: Semantic web and web knowledge management
8 - Semantic web
9 - Web knowledge management
10 - Social network intelligence
Part IV: Agent-based web, security issues, and human-computer interaction
11 - Agent-based web
12 - Web security
13 - Human-web interactions




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