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How to Prepare for the Windows 8.1 Release

Win81Release-thumbMicrosoft will release Windows 8.1 for the public on October 17, 2013 at nighttime local time around the globe. Windows 8.1 makes essential changes towards the OS that will make utilizing it easier for users who weren’t pleased with what Windows 8 originally had to offer. Whether you had been waiting for the last release or else you upgraded to the Pro Preview already, we're going to show you how you can prepare for the initial major upgrade to Windows 8.

Before a System Backup

We cannot stress enough the value of creating a system backup or some form of recovery media before upgrading to Windows 8.1. If you decided to preview Windows 8.1, you have to have created recovery media prior to installing the preview; in the event you didn’t, you could run into issues should something go wrong during the Windows 8.1 final release upgrade process.

Pre-download Programs


Note: This only applies in case you previewed Windows 8.1.

Microsoft warned users if they upgraded to Windows 8.1 on his or her primary drive rather than via virtual machine or partition which they would lose all their apps and programs. While this frustrated many users, you'll need to deal with it come Windows 8.1′s release date.

In order to prepare in front of time, pre-download your programs and apps. Download each of the installers you may need and backup your app data to removable media. While you won’t have the ability to download installers for Windows 8 apps, you are able to back up your Windows 8 app data with your guide here. After you upgrade to Windows 8.1 and install your apps, you are able to then use your app data backup to import your settings into those newly installed apps.

Download Day


While Windows 8.1 is going to be available at midnight on October 17, 2013 for you personally, you could not need to download it right then and there. While Windows enthusiasts might desire to get started immediately, let’s tell the truth: If everyone attempts to download the Windows 8.1 update at the same time, it’s planning to take a long time. Microsoft’s servers might even go down within the night as a result of server overload.

There’s silly why it is possible to’t wait a day or two to download and install Window 8.1. In fact, we recommend it for those Windows users. Windows 8 will still function, and you are able to even decide to go weeks or months before updating all together should you want. There may come a spot where you’ll should install the upgrade later on but Microsoft isn't forcing it upon yourself Windows 8.1′s release date.


Windows 8.1 is a much needed update to Windows 8. While it may not have lived up on the hype for several users, it will add some functionality and improvements that will make the transition easier for the people still on the fence about Microsoft’s latest OS. When release day arrives, upgrade because you see fit and relish the new features put into Windows 8.

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