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How to Add a jQuery Plugin to Show YouTube on Your Site

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Here’s another cool feature that you could add for a Blogger site. Created by Ashu Insan, this widget generator will help you to make a plugin that can completely show your YouTube channel. This version may be the updated version from his previous work that you can customize also. Youmax 2 plugin displays your channel upload, playlists and featured playlist through the one you selected. This feature also allows these potential customers to travel through your playlists and observe them.

How to show the YouTube video feed for your Blogger:

  • Enter your YouTube channel link.

  • Enter your Youtube Channel Url: ex:

  • Enter your playlist Url to show inside the featured Tab: ex:

  • Select your preferred setting inside widget Generator.

  • Click generate and preview.

  • Copy the code you have just generated and paste it on the website’s code. Replace the highlighted red and blue sections together with your YouTube URL along with your favorite playlist URL.

How to provide it with your Blogger:

  • Login to your Blogger

  • Blogger Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML

  • In Edit HTML, paste the code you've generated about the provided site.

  • Save.

Note: Always make a backup of one's template prior to making any modifications.

With this awesome plugin, you'll definitely get more visitors inside your site as well as gain more subscribers in your YouTube channel. Hope this featured tutorial of Ashu Insan helps you to incorporate a new look in your site.

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