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Get Samsung Galaxy S4 & Note 3 Lock Screen On Your Android Phone

Galaxy S4 is an excellent device and undoubtedly the best phone Samsung has ever produced. The same can probably be said about the Galaxy Note 3, another high-end flagship through the North Korean electronics maker that’s quite similar in specs for the S4 but larger in dimensions. Both devices are simply amazing and ship using the latest Touchwiz UI, a skinned Android version made up of a custom Lens Flare lock screen, among other amazing features. Last month, we reviewed the ported version from the original Galaxy S4 TouchWiz 5 launcher that actually works on all devices running Android 4.1 or later and today, we create for you the Galaxy S4 Lockscreen. The app is heavily inspired through the default lock screen of TouchWiz 5, and it has been made distributed to us by XDA-Developers Senior member -Aatif- . The app retains all of the typical features found in Galaxy S4′s lock screen, in addition to a few additional customization options. Read on for additional information.

Galaxy S4 Lockscreen Galaxy S4 Lockscreen1

The Lock screen should work on all Android smartphones running 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and up. The app perfectly replicates the original S4 lock screen, and enables you to customize its various parameters including the Life Companion tagline - Samsung’s latest slogan indicative in the way the company sees its new phones. You can customize plenty of features in the Setting screen of the app, such as the lock screen effect. Besides housing the default Lens flare, in addition, you get Blue rings and Red blood options. Another great feature of Galaxy S4 may be the ability to add custom shortcuts for the Lock screen, which app also enables you to do the same. Go towards the Personalization menu, and you may see options to change wallpaper, toggle profile view, edit tagline, and tweak the size and style of the font. The app also allows changing the hands of time font likewise - something that you can’t do for the original Galaxy S4 or Note 3 lock screen automatically.

Galaxy S4 Lockscreen Peronalize

The shortcuts feature is very handy, mainly because it allows you to access frequently employed apps without unlocking the unit first. There are many different shortcut open to choose from, such as Phone, Browser, People, Clock, Calendar and Camera, among numerous others.

Custom text Shortcuts Select shortcut

Most such apps are generally made available on XDA-Developers in kind of APK files only, but this can also be grabbed from Google Play Store. Links to both Play Store page along with the XDA-Developers thread for the app are supplied below.

Install Galaxy S4 Lockscreen from Play Store

[via: XDA-Developers]

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