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Get iOS 7 Notification Center On Android With This Espier App

The iOS 7 redesign continues to be controversial, to say the least, with many panning it because of its Hello Kitty-esque color scheme, while others praising it for letting go of skeuomorphism and only a flat layout. Although I’ll personally take the sleek and futuristic looks over iOS’ tacky interface every day, there are some Android users available who just need their devices to appear like they are running Apple’s OS, and testimony to the is the rise in popularity of apps by Espier Studio - a developer obsessive about replicating the design and feel of iOS features for Google’s smartphone platform. We have previously covered Espier Launcher iOS7 and Espier Screen Locker iOS7 that bring the home screen and lock screen of iOS 7 to Android, and from now on, we’ll be examining Espier Notification iOS7, which replaces the stock Android Status bar and Notification shade while using status bar from iOS 7, complete with its Notification Center.

Just like Espier Screen Locker iOS7, Espier Notification iOS7 is a plugin for Espier Launcher iOS7, and requirements the launcher installed in order to function. Once you have the launcher installed (along with any of its other plugins), simply install Espier Notification iOS7 in the links provided at the end of this post, check out Espier Hub, select Plugins for Launcher and enable it. Next, tap ‘Espier Notification iOS7 Settings’, as well as ‘Notification service’ on the next screen and then enable the Espier Notification iOS7 accessibility service from your settings screen that turns up next. From the plugin’s settings, you can even configure a few of its parameters like having a clear status bar on your home screen, showing battery percentage around the status bar, modifying the displayed operator name, enabling the iOS Notification Center through the iOS-style Notif. Page option, selecting widgets for that Notification Center, and deciding on the apps in which notifications must be shown in Notification Center.

Espier Notifications iOS7 Settings 1 Espier Notifications iOS7 Settings 2 Espier Notifications iOS7 Settings 3

With the addon enabled and configured, you’ll immediately notice the new iOS 7-style status bar at the top, and dragging it down will disclose the iOS 7-style Notification center, filled with Today, All and Missed tabs. On Today, the widgets that you’ve selected within the settings is going to be displayed below the date.

Espier Notifications iOS7 Home Espier Notifications iOS7 1

Similarly, inside All and Missed tabs, you’ll call at your persistent and ongoing notifications. Do remember that notifications for that apps which have been set being excluded from Notification Center in its settings are not displayed here.

Espier Notifications iOS7 2 Espier Notifications iOS7 3

As you can see in the screenshots above, the free version of Espier Notification iOS7 is ad-supported, which may be removed by collecting the Pro version which unlocks some advanced options that come with the app.

Install Espier Notification iOS7 from Play Store (Free)

Install Espier Notification iOS7 Pro from Play Store (Paid)

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