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Faceless.ME Is A VPN App For Windows With Free 2GB Monthly Bandwidth

Looking for a way to privately investigate web, share files, and access websites which can be restricted in your location? What you need is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) program. Fortunately, there are many choices in relation to VPN agencies, by incorporating being better, faster, cheaper, and much more reliable as opposed to runners. We’ve also covered many free options like Spotflux, Tunnel Bear and VPNium, that left us fairly impressed. Faceless.ME is yet another decent VPN application for Windows that aims and also hardwearing . online presence safe and secure by hiding your real IP address so no-one can track your activity. It’s a considerable option if all you have to do is anonymously surf the net or share files with others, making it a useful tool while you're on public Wi-Fi hotspots. You can also put it to use to access websites or content not available in your own location.

Note: The application comes packaged with Faceless.ME toolbar and insists upon install it in the setup. You can, however, easily avoid installation of the toolbar by unmarking it during setup wizard. To that, simply select ‘Custom installation’ and disable any extra checkmarks under it.

Setup - Faceless Internet Connection

Usually starting a VPN connection is reasonably easy for most such programs, as all you have to do is launch the app possibly at the most, press a connect button. Faceless.ME is no exception in connection with this; when fired up, Faceless.ME sits in the system tray and automatically establishes a VPN connection. Double-clicking the device tray icon displays a Dashboard window, which shows your real IP address and ISP location, along with your new VPN-based IP address and location upon setting up a successful connection. dashboard

The free version of Faceless.ME only allocates USA-based IP addresses, and limits its users to 2GB monthly data volume at max. Also keep in mind there are a few additional caveats with all the free version. For one, it has limited internet speed when stacked facing alternatives like Spotflux or TunnelBear. Secondly, the free version displays annoying banner advertising at the top of your online browser while web surfing.

Faceless.ME also monitors your bandwidth usage in real time, and updates the appropriate information by showing the residual data volume from the dashboard. You can also access a log of your activity for almost any later analysis. During testing, the application did spoof our IP addresses and placement successfully, but performed quite average in terms of internet speed.

IP Lookup

Faceless.ME now offers two additional premium subscriptions for $19.95 and $29.95 for a couple of months and half a year periods respectively. Both plans offer unlimited data traffic.

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