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ESET SysInspector Is A Comprehensive System Diagnostics Tool For Windows

Troubleshooting a critical system component, whether it is hardware or software, requires efforts with an in-depth understanding of what you’re managing. Many one-click system diagnostic tools on the net try to sell themselves by promoting false information, or are often quite expensive for general users. Windows also posseses an integrated diagnostic tool as they are, however, if you need something which could go even deeper and isn’t very tedious to work with, try ESET SysInspector. Carrying a host of useful features and an intuitive UI, the application form lets you inspect various areas of your system and generates a detailed report comprising of running processes and services, drivers, registry items and so forth.

The program are needed in a lot of situations, be it troubleshooting key system issues, hardware and software errors, device driver corruptions, hidden objects like rootkits and malicious items, and other Windows-related problems. In other words, it provides a one-stop shop for your whole body’s complete analysis. SysInpector performs a complete system scan upon launch, and captures a snapshot of the computer. It then uses heuristics strategies to assign the chance level to every one issue on the scale of 0 to 9, where zero indicates that the item is provided for free from any critical issues, while nine is made for an issue that necessitates utmost attention.

ESET SysInspector

The interface of the applying looks simple and easy to work with. It has a tree view styled expandable list on the left where you can investigate scanned items. The list consists of Running processes, Network Connections,. Important Registry Entries, Drivers, Services, Critical Files, System Scheduler Tasks, System Information, and File Details. Clicking any of these displays more info in the right pane. By default, the approval displays more information about all the items, if you can easily switch this parameter through Details dropdown menu. In addition, you are able to filter the outcomes between Fine and Risky by using a small slider. The application sorts the info in a color-coded list determined by risk: Green for Fine, Yellow for Unknown, and Red for Risky.


The application boasts the ability to generate and save detailed log files, which may be used by advanced users and experts for additional analysis. General users seeking to resolve a worry can upload the file for an online forum for diagnosis and expert advise. The information can be copied straight away to the clipboard. In addition, you are able to quickly open an object’s file system location via the Open File Location option with the context menu.


ESET SysInspector is definitely a handy application to identify a whole bunch of system-related problems with a few clicks. It’s a conveyable app that actually works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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