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Effective eBook Marketing Campaign Tip

Writing a book is pretty simple for most people. Yo are drawing from a creativity or expertise, doing whatever you do best. Bloggers are even able to obtain a large portion of their content from what they have written before. It is a great way to engage readers on the different level and give a product for either free and a cost. Which is almost all profit, because of the low overhead of developing a digital format book.

The hard part comes at a later date. You are one person on a vast internet with billions of people using it every day. Only a tiny percentage of the net is even indexed. So when you are looking at getting the saying out, you could be at a loss on the way to really differentiate themselves from others and get people to read your ebook.

promote-ebooks-01=> Here’s a great tool to spread the phrase about your eBook: MyBlogGuest eBooks gallery.

The idea is always that:

Many bloggers would like to mention your relevant eBook on their sites nonetheless they may not have time for you to write the specific review. So if you provide them with one, they shall be happy to begin and feature your eBook on his or her blogs.

The way it functions:

  • Upload your cover

  • Write many original, unbiased reviews

  • Upload the reviews to MyBlogGuest Book Gallery

  • Link to the eBook landing page on your site

  • See bloggers come offering their blogs to feature your eBook for free

If your eBook costs nothing, it'll get more exposure within the gallery using the badge and priority placement.

Remember, bloggers should give you free exposure if you do a good job writing reviews for the eBook. Being too self-promotional or attempting to upload something weak can establish a bad first impression.

Written by DST Contributor

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