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Edit File Type Association, Actions & Icon From Windows Right-Click Menu

Certain file types, for example image and/or text documents, are sustained by countless different applications, and you might have more than simply a few set up on your computer. In order to determine which program should launch which kind of file, there’s a file type associations feature built-into Windows. While Windows handles this task by using said built-in utility, should you wish to manage file type associations in a very much more lucid fashion, try Types. It’s a freeware that lets you assign applications to any or all file extensions, as well as edit the icons and context menus connected with them, all from under one roof. The program is dead easy to use and integrates itself into every file’s right-click context menu for immediate access. Details to be followed after the jump.

During installation, Types asks you if you should install its shell extension to generate a shortcut in the right-click menu of files. You may want to make sure that entry since it makes while using application much easier.

Once you’ve done that, it is possible to modify the program association or any other properties of the desired item by simply right-clicking it and deciding on the new ‘Edit file type’ option from the context menu.

Types_Context Menu

This tiny window that follows comprises four tabs; Class, Actions, Icon and Other. From the first tab, you are able to choose a custom name and associated class for that file extension. For instance, if you wish to associate a TXT file - that is linked to Windows Notepad utility automagically - to Notepad++, you merely simply have to specify the custom name and after that choose the associated class from drop down menu after marking the ‘Use linked class’ checkbox. Next, click the green add button as illustrated in screenshot.

Type .txt

Once the category is associated, you are able to specify the custom action. Actions provide you with more control and suppleness over different commands which can be made within the file, that is certainly, it is possible to edit the file using one application open and view it in another. For example, to specify the Open command, highlight it from your list then selecting target destination of the new application (in ways that Notepad++ inside said case).

The program also enables you to choose an application icon for the new association in addition to enable or disable additional generic options underneath the Icon and Other tabs respectively.


Types displays the complete database of file extensions under its main application window. From here, not only can you view all existing extensions and classes, but additionally easily hunt for and modify required ones at any time.


Types conditions Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, as well as .Net Framework 2.0.

Download Types

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