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Easily Collaborate On Scheduling Meetings Using Gmail With Boomerang Calendar For Chrome

If there is a load of responsibilities assigned to you at the office or are only immensely social, it’s crucial to manage your time and efforts and calendar wisely. To make this task easier, try Boomerang Calendar, a Google Chrome extension that are experts in making it easier to plan meetings. The app permits you to schedule meetings or events with contacts from inside your Gmail inbox, and helps you and your contacts easily decide whether or not the time and place suggested in the mail would work for all. The best thing about this extension could be that the recipients don’t need to have it installed. They can specify their availability from within the email, once the final time & venue is established, the event automatically gets combined with everyone’s calendars. Details following your jump.

Getting started is straightforward. After installation, just join to your Gmail account, and Boomerang will display a welcome message and also a quick overview of its features. Next, you have to click ‘Accept’ if the asks for use of info from your account.

Boomerang Cal-Request for Permission

The extension adds a fresh ‘Suggest Meeting’ option at the end of the email compose window, clicking which displays a windows that shows your Google Calendar, letting you select the right date, serious amounts of place to your meeting request.

Boomerang Calendar New

Boomerang Calendar also intelligently suggests a more suited some time and place for you in line with the selected nature with the meeting (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner etc.), the place that the extension’s location suggestion feature is powered by Yelp. Users could also manually find the meeting time by clicking an area on the calendar, and specify some other location as well.

Note you could add multiple time slots in a meeting request to really succeed for your contacts to decide on a time that's most appropriate for the children. Depending upon existing events included with the recipients’ calendars, the periods mentioned are highlighted in green, yellow and red to suggest their availability. When ready, click ‘Insert into email’ accompanied by ‘Send’ inside message compose window.

New Calendar Event

All the recipients should do is what is suggested time slot(s) or specify different ones. Upon confirmation, Boomerang asks if you need to add a title and description for the big event, then automatically adds it to the Google Calendar of every contact included in the email thread.


As is see-through from what we’ve discussed above, Boomerang permits you to plan meetings with multiple contacts. For such meetings, just click the ‘Plan Group Event’ option from your Boomerang Cal drop down inside navigation bar at the pinnacle.

Plan Group Event

In a nut shell, Boomerang Calendar has everything a gathering scheduler must work without hassle. You can install it through the Chrome Web Store through the link given below.

Install Boomerang Calendar from Chrome Web Store

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