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Dryft Software Keyboard for Better and Easier Typing for Tablets

Drift Software Keyboard for Better and Easier Typing for Tablets

Say goodbye for a bluetooth hardware keyboard on your tablets, because Dryft keyboard is here. This new keyboard interface was created for tablets which aims you type easier and quicker which automatically repositioning laptop keyboards under your fingers, wherever they might be on the screen.

Dryft technology doesn’t only rely on touch sensors, and also uses accelerometer data to discover if your fingertips consider a break or are pecking away with purpose.

Good thing about Dryft keyboard, it function just like a normal hardware keyboard that lets you rest your hands on the watch's screen as well, without registering additional button press.

Randy Mardsen, Swype co-founder and inventor of Dryft, promises to license Dryft to be used on Windows Phone, Android and iOS. And developers can integrate Dryft in individual apps.

Watch Dryft for action here:


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