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creativeLIVE - Fearless Marketing with Barbara Findlay Schenck

creativeLIVE - Fearless Marketing with Barbara Findlay Schenck
creativeLIVE - Fearless Marketing with Barbara Findlay Schenck | 3.36 GB
Genre: eLearning

Strong marketing is the central element of all successful businesses, but a majority of entrepreneurs not have the knowledge and confidence necessary to effectively market their brand.
Join best-selling author and marketing expert Barbara Findlay Schenck for the two-day workshop that may teach you the fundamental marketing principles for creating a powerful brand identity and messaging framework. Barbara will assist you to overcome your fears to be able to confidently talk with your ideal customers.

Throughout this system, you'll develop methods for determining who your marketing should target and what you must do to achieve the right customer base. Barbara will take care of how to turn a potential client in a loyal customer who refers others in your brand. You'll also learn how to establish a footprint available to build repeat business and multiply sales.

By the conclusion of this product, you'll have marketing blueprint that will help you fearlessly talk with your customers and build a powerful brand.

Session 1 August 15, 2013
Day 1 - Pre-Show
9:00 am - Course Overview
9:15 am - What is Marketing?
9:30 am - Why Does Marketing Matter?
9:45 am - Marketing's New Rules
10:00 am - Customer Profile along with your Competition
10:15 am - Audience Questions
10:45 am - Your Image & Branding
11:15 am - Building your Brand
11:45 am - Audience Questions
1:00 pm - Getting Strategic
1:30 pm - Pricing Stratigies
2:00 pm - Audience Questions
2:30 pm - Take Control: Marketing in 10 Steps
3:00 pm - Get Tactical
3:30 pm - Top 10 Best and Worst Marketing Methods 1
Day 1 - Wrap-up

Session 2 August 16, 2013
Day 2 - Pre-Show
9:00 am - The Case for Online Presence
9:45 am - Establishing Your Online Foundation
10:15 am - Monthly, Weekly & Daily Must-Do's
11:00 am - Weighing Advertising Options
11:45 am - Direct Mail
1:00 pm - Public Relations, Publicity & Events
1:30 pm - Crisis Management, Promotions & Networking
2:00 pm - Audience Questions
2:30 pm - Selling & Winning Repeat Business
3:30 pm - Excellent Service and Developing Loyalty
3:45 pm - 20 Tips to Launch Your Fearless Marketing Future
Day 2 - Wrap Up


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