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Create a Mini Social Network For Your Business with Bitrix24

The power from the internet permits startups or home businesses to quickly grow. Sooner or later, those small startups will transform into running offices, where meeting and web conferencing tools can be used daily communication.

For something more advanced than just a messaging tool, there’s Bitrix24, an email finder service you can use to collaborate with employees to talk about and manage a business.


Bitrix24 works as a possible intranet - a private communications (social) network for your business. It enables you to interact with colleagues, share files around the cloud, manage tasks, organize an organization calendar and much more. Here are all the cool features Bitrix24 is offering small, medium as well as large business owners.

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Getting Started With Bitrix24

A new sign up on Bitrix24 forces you to the admin of the company’s network. There’s hardly any other way to give someone else administrative rights so this account is quite crucial on your network.

It enables you to set tasks for other users, edit their profiles, view their personal calendars, etc. You’ll must also name your Intranet to permit users access with a login ID and password through this domain.

Bitrix24 Intranet

Once registered, you’ll get the portal which enable it to start inviting colleagues in your personal network.

The portal enables you to:

  • add specific user tasks

  • plan a work calendar

  • add files on the cloud storage for anyone to access

  • send chat messages between colleagues

  • build a CRM database

  • even access your email accounts from providers like Gmail, Outlook, iCloud, Yahoo, AOL, Microsoft Exchange or a private IMAP.

Bitrix24 Activity


You also can manage the workers by categorizing them under "departments" so it’s all to easy to communicate and present them department-specific tasks.

These departments is going to be workgroups that act as a miniature intranet of one's company. In the group, users can discuss their projects and share files which are confined just to that workgroup. This will prevent interference or a cluttered activity feed for all those outside in the workgroup.

Bitrix24 Workgroup

Customer Relationship Management

If your small business deals which has a lot of customers or perhaps a large clientele, this can be a great feature you are able to benefit from. With the CRM tool, you can build your database of clients by entering or importing contact data as well as other relevant information.

Additionally, you can manage interactions and log events like calls or meetings between potential or existing clients using the tool. Deals which are made may also be logged in before creating an invoice (receipt) of payment. The tool also allows you to create and view reports on an overall idea of how the business has progressed with time.

Bitrix24 CRM

Multi-Platform Support

Bitrix24 is supported on both Android and iOS that permits you to access all Bitrix24′s features including chat, notifications, managing projects/tasks, view calendar, access shared files, and your CRM data.

Bitrix24 App

The desktop app is much more of a messenger tool with added features, which is supported on both Windows and Mac OS. It lets you receive chat messages, notifications of activities or incoming tasks, sync shared files on its cloud storage, and hold a video conference with as many as 4 people.

The desktop program will also provides for screen sharing which will only be fully working by November 2013.

Bitrix24 Desktop


Bitrix24 is free for 12 users within a network. Users get its basic but powerful features and also a 5GB cloud storage. Paying a fee every month will grant you usage of more features like unlimited users, higher cloud storage, records management, meetings planner, and will invite partners or clients.

Bitrix24 is probably good for small businesses and with everything stored securely within the Cloud, you won’t need to spend extra expense for a server or another hosting fees.

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