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Changing Post Content Column Width Via Template Designer

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Changing the complete width and sidebars of your respective Blogger site is easy however, you can’t customize the width from the main column or post content column with there being no sliders correctly.
Here’s a tutorial in the guys at Blogger Tips and Tricks that can let you get a new post content column width.

Simply login for a Blogger site, and so on the dashboard, go to Layout > Template Designer > Advanced > Change Width. By using simple arithmetic, or the indirect method, it is possible to manipulate the blog width and sidebar widths and customize the main column’s width.

The sample distributed by Blogger Tips and Tricks demonstrates to you the following:

If you might have set the blog width to 1000 px and sidebar to 300 px, the main column will be 1000 px - 300 px = 700 px. But if you desire your main column to become 750 px, you should reset the sidebar with to 1000px - 750px = 250px.

By using Template Designer, you can affect the blog widths. Here are the steps:

  • Login to Blogger.

  • In Blogger Dashboard, go through the Layout tab.

  • Then click the Template Designer tab located towards the top, then in the right sidebar, hit the “Advanced” button.

It’s a simple customization technique which can be very useful if you need to alter the preference of the width.

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