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Browser Add-Ons To Enhance Your YouTube Viewing Experience

YouTube is often a much-loved source of entertainment; some may think it’s taking over TV as a result of sheer amount and types of entertainment: mini web series, tech and tutorial channels, lyric videos so they cover etc. It’s no surprise that some people can spend hours watching YouTube videos on our subscribed list while others can binge-watch recommended videos for the whole day.


However, there are minor annoyances with the viewing experience that even these YouTube tricks can’t fix. The common complaints (basically First World Problems) can be like the layout being distracting, too much white space, and annoying (or awesome) advertisements that eats into the video-viewing time.

To conquer these problems, I am going to introduce to you the Tube Enhancer Plus for Firefox and YouTube Options for Google Chrome.

Useful YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know

Awesome "Hidden" YouTube Settings

Both Tube Enhancer Plus and Youtube Options have some pretty cool features, suitable for the serial YouTuber. With them it is possible to:

1. Remove advertisements - Both can let you skip the ads at the outset of the video.

2. Enlarge player size - You can also enlarge the ‘video box’ size so it fills inside the space of your respective browser window for the closer and clearer view.

3. "Dim the lights" - This feature greys out the areas around it box. This along with #2 maximizes the real estate of your respective large, high-resolution monitor.

YouTube Resize

4. Set default viewing quality - If changing the video quality often irks you, then worry you can forget, you now need not manually change it out.

5. Set autoplay settings - You can also set the autoplay settings so videos won’t automatically start playing when you open multiple videos in new tabs.

More From Tube Enhancer Plus (Firefox)

Installing Tube Enhancer Plus gives you a few controls at the bottom of one's browser window to download or loop the present video together with the other features mentioned earlier.


The coolest benefit with this add-on could be the ability to watch a video on the Firefox Sidebar. This allows (in)effective multitasking as it is possible to surf the Web as you're watching all your videos.

YouTube Firefox Sidebar

More From YouTube Options (Chrome)

YouTube Options for Chrome has more customizable features. You can hide elements of YouTube just like the comments section, video suggestions, video description, title, header and footer in the settings or its keyboard shortcuts. This offers you a super-clean YouTube player.

YouTube Options

Using the mouse scroll wheel while hovering the mouse cursor higher than the ‘video box’ lets you change the ‘video box’ size, forward/rewind it, or alter the volume level.

Certain popular features of YouTube Options could also be used on any embedded videos or on sites like Vimeo, Hulu and DailyMotion.

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