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Bing’s New Logo Got Modern Design and Looks More Microsoft-Like


Microsoft's Bing internet search engine has updated it’s logo. The new design logo helps it be look more contemporary and abstract which closely matches most of Microsoft's redesigned product brandings.

The design principles rely on grid layouts which frequently called Swiss or International style. Which mark instantly feels in your own home alongside with all Microsoft products. While the wordmark used would be a customized version of the font Segoe.

In the logo, they retained the lowercase ‘b’ for tribute to Bing logo heritage which looks very abstract and I really find it good. In the word bing, letter ‘b’ was form similar to ‘g’. Which both letters are identical up-side-down, ‘g’ has become slightly modified to curve upward along with the cut for the top in the ‘b’ mirrors the angle for the cut from the ‘t’ in the Microsoft logo. While ‘i’ and ‘n’ are exactly the same as in the Windows wordmark.

The color orange also pays tribute towards the orange dot of the previous Bing logo, that also fits to current Microsoft logo from one quadrant of the corporate flag logoBing’s New Logo Got Modern Design and Looks More Microsoft-Like

While logo redesign and become more modernize, many changes also occur using the features of Bing. You can see the preview and new features with the Bing here.


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