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Auto Cleaner Removes Windows Temporary Files After A Set Interval

The Disk Cleanup utility, that comes packaged automagically with Windows , is really a useful tool to reclaim some of your disk space by removing items like temporary internet files, Recycle Bin items, application dump files that are generated when various errors occur, backup and installer files generated when Windows installs a Service Pack, and miscellaneous items kept that aren’t necessary for everyday functioning of Windows. But let’s face the facts, what number of us go through the manual means of running the utility often? Not a lot, aside from some advanced users they like to do all such tinkering by themselves. So, try an application like Auto Cleaner that can take care of doing away with such files to suit your needs automatically? While quite less comprehensive as Disk Cleanup and other third-party tools, the approval does a nice job of automatically cleaning temporary folders and files left by various applications. It can do this every 24 hours, or from a custom interval defined by the user.

Auto Cleaner is a portable application, this means it needs no installation on your own system, and will also be run coming from a USB drive. When launched, the tool displays a notification dialog praoclaiming that the cleanup operation will probably be done every a day. Clicking OK sends the app to the system tray area, where you can exit it or manually execute the cleanup operation.

Auto Cleaner 24

Right-clicking the app’s notification icon brings up a context menu, where you will likely be able make it possible for or disable its notification balloon, run the cleanup process, toggle auto startup behavior, and quit Auto Cleaner. During an ongoing cleanup process, the tool automatically displays the notification button when the option is enabled. The notification balloon may be annoying sometimes, but it’s good to determine that the developer has provided an instant way to disable it.

Auto Cleaner System Tray

As mentioned earlier, Auto Cleaner repeats the clean up process every 24 hours automatically, but it is possible to easily change that value by using their program’s INI file that is created on the program’s location upon first launch. INI files might be easily edited using any text editor, including Notepad. To modify the time interval setting, simply open the CleanerConfig.ini file and replace 24 with any custom value you'd like, as demonstrated within the screenshot below. Once edited, simply save the INI file and restart Auto Cleaner.

Auto Cleaner INI

The application conditions Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Both 32-bit and 64-bit editions are supported.

Download Auto Cleaner

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